Our Mobile App Backend Services:

direct your affiliate links through to the appropriate iTunes affiliate management company depending on their location. Ensure your clicks count!

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App Config Manager

A UI and API for managing your App’s static configuration. Files are pushed to Amazon CloudFront for amazing uptime and availability.

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App Dashboard

Pull together add revenue, sales, reviews and event tracking into one easy to read interface. A quick place to find all the numbers that matter to you.

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Ad Service

We do Ads differently. Rather than standardize on form factor we allow developers to create integrated ads. We provide the management, tracking and split testing tools.

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Game Chat

A Real-time team text chat service. High performance real-time communication backbone for your game.

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Team Management

A platform for managing your games players. Build a truly social game.

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Our Mobile Games:


Free Slots


UFO Invader


Andromeda’s Savior


Whack a Turkey