Skills I Wish I Had

I’m someone who prides myself for being a jack of all trades and a master of many. Whether it is copywriting, marketing, coding, art, music, gardening, construction, health, physics, business or math I think I can hold my own in any of those areas. But there are gaps that I wish I could fill in.

One of my latest projects has highlighted something that I’m finding difficult. Animation.

With not too much effort I was able to get good enough at drawing cartoon characters in Inkscape. Inkscape is a great tool for drawing because with just a few hours work it starts to become clear how to create most of the graphics you need. You start with the primary shapes and push/pull them into the final shape

Adding a timeline and movement to a static image is proving to be a lot more difficult than it sounds. Part of it is frustration with the tools. Support for SVG is spotty and inconsistent for everything I’ve tried. Even Adobe Flash has issues pulling in files from Adobe Illustrator.

The real skill I need to develop is hiring and managing people to do things like animating for me.