Great App Challenge of 2013

wecandoitThis year myself and a friend have taken up the challenge of releasing a new iPhone/iPad game every 2 weeks to hopefully have 20-25 finished games by the end of the year.

The strategy is to build upon 3 different game platforms for all the games.  Each game will add one new feature to the platform and completely replace all the art assets to create a unique and fun game.

The first game was submitted to Apple last week.  It was an update to the first game I did for iPhone called UFO Invader.  It will form the base platform for the next 8-10 games.  The second game, called Air Barons, was finished up and submitted to Apple last night.  The next game is an 8-bit styled space fighter and will add tile-mapped levels and designed coin/power-up layouts to the platform.

The goal of this challenge is 4 fold:

  1. Learn how to create better and better games through fast iteration of the entire process – design, art, programming,  and marketing
  2. Reduce the risk of focusing on one big game by producing many games that each may resonate with different players
  3. Start generating a small cash flow quickly that will grow with each game release
  4. Build out a network of games to cross promote each other

It is not going to be easy to do working just in the evenings and weekends but 2013 is the year to do it!

I’ll be blogging about the work I’m doing here on this site as I go.