Fermenter Project

With so many possibilities, I finally decided on a worthy project for my Raspberry Pi.

This summer I’m hoping to brew my first lager beer and brewing lagers is quite a bit tricker than ales, especially when it comes to controlling the temperature of the fermentation.

There are a number of existing projects out there for creating a computer controlled fermentation chamber.  The most notable one is called BrewPi, which I looked at but it seemed to be designed with unnecessary complexity.  I wanted something simpler on the electronics that dropped the Arduino components and relied on just a web interface for control.

The project starts with the components for a DIY Lagerator made out of insulating foam boards.  And adds to that a temperature sensor, the Raspberry Pi  and a few other bits and pieces.

The Pi will run a django based web interface that will provide simple and minimal control and logs of the brewing process.


I’m hoping for a quick turn around on this project so I can start brewing with it before summer temperatures kick in.