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Always Be Learning – The World Keeps Changing

Probably the best thing about being a software developer is that everything is always changing and there’s always something to keep you engaged and learning new things. I think that is what helps keep your mind sharp as you get older. Being a programmer full-time is like spending all day doing Sudoku puzzles and getting paid for it. The..

1 Thing Programmers Should Do More Often

This past week I found myself with a task of creating pages on this site for all the Mobile Apps that have been developed by Halotis Inc. At the same time I wanted to get the marketing material organized for all of those apps in a consistent directory structure. Which lead me to something I believe more programmers should..

Applying The Creative Writing Process to Software

Grabbing the best ideas from other industries and applying it to your own is a fantastic way to learn and discover new ways to do things. I was listening to the Tim Ferriss podcast yesterday in an interview with Neil Strauss.  Two best selling authors discussing their creative process for writing a book.  It got me thinking if some of the..

Capital vs Labor

A lot is being said these days about inequality. It is an issue that probably won’t be going away anytime soon as the trends continue to push the top 1% of earners even further away from the 99% as the middle class is getting hollowed out. In the ground breaking book Capital in the Twenty-First Century Thomas Piketty goes into..

Personal 20% Time

A 20% investment seems to be the sweet spot for a doable amount that still results in significant benefits.  In Personal Finance saving 20% of your income is a great goal to strive for;  Businesses like Google and Thoughtbot have policies to spend 20% of your time on business investment.  You can apply this to your personal goals to achieve..

How to find time

One of the hardest things in getting productive work done has always been finding time to get focused work done.  There are so many demands on our time that what we want to accomplish gets pushed out in favour of other more immediate or more pleasurable things. Back in the day when Ben Franklin, Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, and..

Minimum Viable Sale (MVS)

One of the big things about running a business is managing risk.  As an entrepreneur I know that 25% of businesses fail within the first year, 60% have failed by year 4 and 71% have failed or closed by year 10. Given that most businesses are started with the best of intentions and usually with all the time and..

What Do You Know

This is the product of my first experience with outsourced development. What Do You Know is a simple iOS game where the player guesses what word matches the pictures shown. We picked a simple game engine to start with our initial foray into outsourcing to keep costs down and to help us quickly get through an entire project and..

Competition is Fierce

Our market economy is built around the premise that competition makes everything more efficient and better over time. For most products and services a careful analysis of the competitors is very important to your success. This market analysis applies to all aspects that you can glean from your competitors. The product features and design, quality of service are obvious..