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Why You Need a Meta Project

I got this idea from the guys at Yelp and how they manage their deployments and several internal infratructure tools. The basic concept is this: If you had a source of information about all your projects in a simple easy to work with format what kind of tooling would be easy to implement with it? Yelp does this with..

Server Security: Lesson #1

A recent project I have been working on involved a custom built Linux distro running on an ARMv6 piece of hardware. We figured we were fairly immune to getting hacked based on obscure old hardware and pared-down Linux distro. Unfortunately, early in development for ease of working on things we chose a guessable root password.  By the time (months..

Serverless Servers

When researching things for a side project I dug into the advancements in services provided by Amazon AWS over the last year.  Amazon clearly has an astounding lead in the market for web service and data center technology.  The direction they are pushing things is to create a big pivot in how we all develop and deploy web applications...

Next Generation Productivity

Computers have a long history of replacing the work of humans.  Before mainframes large businesses would have armies of people with punch calculators to do the work that is now in a single spreadsheet (each person performing just a cell of that sheet). Over the past 60 years the primary productivity benefit from computers has been the ability to..

The Bots Are Coming

Slack is the fastest growing startup in history, and it is starting to drive a new kind of interface for users to make things happen within their businesses. If you remember way back the only way you could interact with a computer was through a command line.  With this interface you form very specific commands that require a manual..

Going Mobile

Over the last couple weeks I’ve had a growing concern that my office is just not functional any more.  A standing desk in a room pulling double duty as a spare bedroom. So over the last week I have pulled out all the office equipment and turned the room back into just a bedroom.  The experience made me realize..

The Coming Age of TV Apps

The new generation of Apple TV was announced earlier this month and I believe it has the capability of kick-starting a new generation of TV Apps that will bring the personal aspects of Mobile experience to the living room. Apple has a tendency of getting down to the core problem and working hard on it until it’s solved.  with..

Making Longterm Plays

In an age where we expect everything quickly it seems that it can be harder to have the patience to endure long term investments. People are career hopping between companies and entire job types more today than at any time in history.  Employees who want to progress up the ranks find that a quicker route is to job hop.  Ambitious..

Overbuilding From the Start

A project I have been working on for the past couple of months has suffered from a critical planning error that early on has resulted in time and budget overruns as well as a product that has performance and stability issues.  It’s all because the decision makers at the top decided to take on risky technology and design choices..

Focus is Critical

At this point we all know that being a good multitasker is a myth.  The time it takes to context switch between projects can vastly wipe-out any perceived productivity. This has become more apparent to me recently as I have been asked to take on more work, or have taken on more for myself.  As a result annual goals..