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Life to Old Projects

Maintenance.  UGH! We live in a world where software is part of an every evolving ecosystem of other software.  Everything is constantly changing and everything you do needs to keep up or risk falling into disrepair and creating technical debt. The maintenance window is a chance to breath fresh life into an otherwise languishing project. A little over a..

White Shoe Syndrome

You know what you need to do to launch your business, you have the skills, you have the idea, and yet progress is slow. Maybe you have White Shoe Syndrome. The problem with white shoes is that they are always dirty and need to be cleaned. When it is time to sit down at your desk to do some..

Think Weeks

One of the things Bill Gates did was to take a semi-annual ‘Think Week’ retreat. During this week he would extract himself from all obligations and hole up in a hotel somewhere with a stack of books to read. To Bill Gates these retreats were critical to his ability to stay ahead of big picture trends in industry that..

Manager Who Codes vs Developer Team Lead

Personal branding is deceptively effective in many cases. The difference is skills between a manager who codes and a developer team lead is negligible.  In many cases you could say they are job titles that describe the same role in a company and yet from a HR and status point of view they are very different. If you’re getting..


The term Service Oriented Architecture has been twisted by so many people now that it has lost some of it’s meaning. Microservices is a software architecture for web apps that aims to define a more specific way of doing SOA that isn’t so fuzzy and hand wavy. Web applications have long been developed in a SOA way.  Especially with..

Time Audit Surprise

When you measure things you can manage them – Words of wisdom from Peter Drucker. Every time I have made the effort to measure something whether it be calories, carbs, miles run, heart rate, cash flow, net worth or weight there is always a surprise in what the numbers reveal. Recently I did a one week time audit; writing..

Applying The Creative Writing Process to Software

Grabbing the best ideas from other industries and applying it to your own is a fantastic way to learn and discover new ways to do things. I was listening to the Tim Ferriss podcast yesterday in an interview with Neil Strauss.  Two best selling authors discussing their creative process for writing a book.  It got me thinking if some of the..

Finding time to code

Finding time to write code after work, when you have an eight month old and a full time job is nearly impossible.  I’m not sure how others manage to do this. It’s time to do an audit of my time management.  To figure out just where all my free time is going so that I can focus on finding..

Polyglot vs Specialization

I consider myself a fairly well rounded developer. So when it comes time to choose a technology to accomplish a task I will happily choose the one that is the best fit whether it requires Ruby, Python, Java, Objective-C, PHP, CSS, or Bash or anything else. Recently I was given a project to take on.  At first it looked..