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Focus is Critical

At this point we all know that being a good multitasker is a myth.  The time it takes to context switch between projects can vastly wipe-out any perceived productivity. This has become more apparent to me recently as I have been asked to take on more work, or have taken on more for myself.  As a result annual goals..

Wandering for Innovation

Truly innovative ideas are supposed to come to us in an “A-HA!” moment.  That rarely happens though.  Most good ideas are simply cross application of other ideas.  Great ideas on the other hand require hard work and time to develop. Sir Isaac Newton was a brilliant man to be sure, but when asked how he invented calculus his response was..

Status Quo is Never Good Enough

Settling for the status quo in life or in business is a sure fire way to disappointment and obsolescence.  Without growth there is stagnation.  It is therefore important to always look for ways to improve things – everything. Challenging the status quo is easy.  You just need to look for answers to questions: How can we make this easier/faster?..

Finding an Escape

Sometimes I think I work too hard.  Code all day, come home and code for a few more hours at night, and occasionally read a book about coding.  I do this because I really enjoy solving problems on a computer and creating new things. However this sort of single minded pursuit can lead to burn-out.  A short vacation just..

Setting Expectations

One of the best ways to improve your business is to manage the expectations your customers have with you.  This is easy to do.  You just tell your customers what you are going to do, and then follow through while communicating often about the progress to meeting those expectations. The best way to develop and sustain these in a..

More Swift

Since Apple announced Swift was going open source and coming to Linux by the end of the year, my interest was peeked again to dive in and start learning it. With Swift running on Linux servers the race is on to create a compelling web framework so that it will be possible to write iOS apps and server applications..

Why You Should Find Time to Play

Play is one of the more undervalued activities we can undertake as an adult, yet it is one that differentiates many of the worlds top performers from the rest of us.  Playtime could be considered to be the pinnacle of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.  When you are intrinsically motivated and enjoy what you’re doing  you might considering it playing...

Have a Lab Instead of an Office

The space to create new innovation is dearly missing from today’s work environments.  Creating a space to really encourage great leaps in innovation requires a few things: Space and time to think. Freedom to implement or test an idea quickly Collaboration to help get over hurdles Recently I had the opportunity to work in a lab.  It was a..

How to Maintain Momentum

The main lesson from a handful of recent books that I have read has been focus on fewer, more important things if you really want to make progress.  Less but better.  And that the best way to maintain the momentum on the projects you do want to take on is to make small steps and celebrate the progress, rather..

Fill your mind with good things

As the father of a 18 month old, it’s been fascinating to try and understand how her little mind works.  Currently she is getting quite good at classification: car, cheese, door, dog. Everything she sees is echoed back. At this early stage in development it’s easy to see that what you say and do have immediate impacts with what..