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Productivity of Decision Making

Decisions can be paralyzing when you have to make them.  Even more so when you don’t have the information you need to make an informed decision. In the day-to-day work of programming we make decisions all the time.  However the decisions we either don’t have answers for of don’t have the power to make ourselves can often block things. ..

Quantity over Quality

Why would anyone ever suggest that it’s better to focus on quantity over quality?  Clearly pushing out a pile of sub-par work is not a good idea when you could take your time to think though things and produce a master piece the first time. The fact is that you can’t easily produce top quality work without the experience you..

Taking Action

Being action oriented is one of the biggest differentiators I have noticed in the most productive people.  It’s amazing what you can get done in a day when you just take action to make it happen.  Even a small step can get the ball moving on a large project. One of my partners is the most action oriented person..

Transition From Text Editor to IDE

For a decade I have pushed back on switching to an IDE for coding Python.  My preference has always been to use the minimal editor possible to help force a level of consciousness in my code and avoid the complacency that can come from having tools that are just too powerful.  Auto-complete is awesome, but if you lean on..

Morning Routines for Success

The morning is probably the best time of day to get things done for yourself before work and stress start to derail your day.  When you’re trying to accomplish something big finding a way to take advantage of these early morning hours can really ramp up your productivity. The quiet morning hours can be your time to focus on..

Finding Your Motivation

The theory for motivation has been best described by Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Peak motivation can be achieved when you become self-actualized – internally self motivated, however to get there you need to fulfil your lower level needs first. At each level of this pyramid you will find factors that might be motivating you.  Working up from the base..

Deploying Flask With Ansible

Over the last couple weeks I have been getting acquainted with using Ansible to provision and deploy servers. One nice thing with using Ansible over a tool like fabric for deployment is that everything from provisioning, initializing, updating, management, and application deployment can be done with a minimal amount of code. There are tips I learned as I got..

The Quantified Programmer

Expanding on the thoughts in my last blog post about measuring opposing indicators I wanted to explore things from a different perspective. There is a growing community of people that measure and record as much as they possibly can about themselves.  This quantified Self movement is predominantly focused on health related aspects exemplified by the growing market for activity trackers..

Measure Opposing Indicators

All software developers know that measuring a developer’s productivity by counting lines of code written is not an effective way to measure their output.  The correlation between the technical difficulty of a problem and the number of lines of code is not always 1:1.  Which means that one developer can write 10 lines in a day and be very..

Don’t Write Code Unless You Use These 11 Tools

Do you want to write code faster, with fewer bugs, and feel confident that what you write is good? Over the years, programming has evolved, and many new platforms and tools have been created. Most of the tools aren’t very useful, but a few are. Here are the 11 tools that have helped make my programming a bit easier and more successful: Tool..