Wired Bars

An Ipod Tooting Patron in a Wire BarCNN is reporting that a new Ipod birthed craze has begun to sweep across the nightlife scene. The concept is a “Wired Bar”. Essentially patrons can bring their favorite tracks along on their favorite portable media device (an ipod) and then can plug into the bar and share their tastes. The service, offered free at a growing number of establishments seems to be replacing the traditional Jukebox, not to mention the traditional DJ.

No longer will the pleas and the boo’s of the listening patrons be ignored by the Headphoned DJ as the power of the player will be put into the hands of the Patrons themselves- Literally with the ipod and it’s likenesses. Not a Bad way to break the ice with the Chick or the Dude standing over there.

How long until this service expands to support the Video Feature of the latest Ipod, enabling patrons to share sights as well as sounds? One can only wonder.

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