4 Steps to Make Money Online

It has become increasingly apparent over the last few weeks that there are some things missing from my approach to make money online. The most successful people in internet marketing out there have amassed a large collection of web properties that collectively give time many thousands of unique visitors each day. That’s a lot of eyeballs. That allows these people to quickly try out a new advertising product and quickly get measurable results back.

Quite often I like to work backwards from the goal to see what the next steps should be or if there’s something that I need to learn. Lets start with the goal of making $10 000 each month online passively. How do you do that? There are two options that immediately come to mind:

  1. Affiliate selling – try to get people to buy products by having them follow your link back to an online store for a purchase or other conversion.
  2. Sell advertising space – typically start with showing some Adsense ads, or Text-Link-Ads and sell space on a site.

Both of those things will put cash into your wallet so long as you can reach enough people. How many people do you need to reach to make $10 000 each month? That’s a difficult question to answer. It really depends on the niche, the quality of the marketing copy, the placement of ads, and the quality of the traffic (how targeted it is for the niche). Chances are you’ll need several thousand people a day to reach that $10 000 goal.

How do you get in contact with thousands of people every day? There’s targeted email opt-in lists, but getting many thousands of emails in the first place requires attracting people to a form. You’ll need a place, a website or sites that many people will find, and keep coming back to. This introduces two more questions.

  1. How will people find the site?
  2. What will be on the site to keep them coming back?

The answer to the first question is: links. Everything on the internet is found via links. You’re on a website somewhere and there is a link back to a new website that you haven’t heard of or you do a search on Google which results in a link to the page. So how do you get links? get links by advertising your website other places on the web. Post comments on related websites, pay for advertising on Google’s network or utilize some Search Engine Optimization techniques to get into the search results.

That will get people to the site, but how do you get people to keep coming back? Quality. Examine the websites that you keep going back to. Invariably they have some commonalities: interesting content or convenience.

How do you know what’s interesting or convenient? Test. Do some research to see if there’s enough people out there interested in a particular niche that it’s even feasible to get that much traffic. What is the competition like? Are these people likely to either click on ads or purchase a product?

To sum everything up Here’s the 4 Steps to make money online:

  1. market research and testing
  2. create a presence with quality websites
  3. build traffic
  4. monetize it