Futuristic Weapons Program to be Cut?

Star Trek PhaserPerhaps the Threat of Star Wars, Giant Laser beams, Weather Controller Machines, Microwave Guns, space capable fighters and Robotic Soldiers is not as close as we thought.

The Pentagon (The United States Military) leaders are considering drastically reducing spending on Futuristic and High-Tech Weapons systems. The Program’s current operating budget is about $161 billion making it the second largest program in the U.S. military. But as expenses continue to surge due to increasing costs and continuing development and technical difficulties, pressure to reduce spending builds.

“Future Combat Systems consists of 18 manned and robot-controlled weapons systems linked by a massive communications network. Among the weapons under development for use in FCS: four types of robot aerial vehicles, three types of robot ground vehicles and eight types of manned ground vehicles.

“FCS is intended eventually to replace such Army stalwarts as the M1 Abrams tank and the Bradley fighting vehicle. The Army’s plan is to field 15 brigades outfitted with the new equipment by 2025.”

This move by the US Military could show a lack of interest, or perhaps a lack of current need to remove soldiers from the battlefield, as many of these new up and coming robot based platforms promised to do.

So much for inspiration from the DARPA competition. But at least Standford’s Stan won the race with Style.

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