8 Tips to Find Good Ideas

Light bulbThere is a secret to finding good ideas. There is a process and frame of mind to have that will result in you having an explosion of ideas to pursue further.

Ideas are the starting point for all great things. For me the idea of having a nice passive income is driving me to more ideas of how to do it. But finding ideas that solve the question of how can be difficult. Here are my tips for getting answers to those vital questions.

  1. Open your mind – Consciously take notice of those little things that sometimes pass you by.
  2. Make notes – Even if you do notice something cool, the next day you may have already forgotten about it. Write them down so you can review it later.
  3. Ask Questions – Where did it come from? How was it made? Who was involved in it’s creation? Dig into things to find answers.
  4. Expose yourself to randomness – Be around lots of other people and their ideas. Try reading RSS feeds, walking in crowds, listening to conversations and reading books you might not otherwise read.
  5. Find ways to Connect – Take two or more things that you’ve written down and put them together to create something new.
  6. Take time – Don’t rely on your subconscious to suddenly light up with the best new idea ever; it will probably never happen. Set a deadline and the number of ideas you need. Work on it.
  7. It doesn’t have to be New – Most good ideas are not new. Opening a McDonald’s isn’t a very original idea, but it might be a good one. If your idea is to sell something new that people never knew they needed you’re in for an uphill battle. Old, well understood ideas are the easiest to sell (if they don’t sell themselves).
  8. Test – You have an idea… But is it any good? Test it out by getting other people’s honest opinion, search online for similar things, see if you can attract people to your idea by posting about it online.

Ideas are easy to come by, good ones are a bit more rare. Remember a good idea is worthless without the follow through to act on it.