A really Full Moon?

Chinese Astonauts
The Washington Post is reporting that China has announced official plans to place a man on the moon within the next 15 years. If this holds to be true, the moon could once again fire up perhaps the greatest spending spree every seen: A second space race.

While the previous space race helped to bankrupt the Soveit Union, the Soviet Union did not have the incredible Wealth of China. Then again, the United States didn’t borrow much of its wartime funding from the Soviet Union either.

With the completion of an entirely new space fleet and a return to the moon scheduled for 2018, NASA certainly has it’s work cut out for it as they shed the troublesome and very costly shuttle program to start over with the basics built in the 1960’s.

Strangely enough, this would seem to throw the United States right back to be in step with China. As once greeted mockingly by Jay Leno, “Welcome to the 19060’s” is now the Chinese Welcoming the United States, but this time there’s a certain bitterness about it as the rapidly developing Chinese Space program makes its daring leaps on the American Government’s loan payments.

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