Already Learning from The Thirty Day Challenge

30 Day Challenge logoThe challenge hasn’t even begun, but I’ve already learned about quite a few things.  Much of it I was already aware of but had never taken the time to utilize.

Here’s a list of things that have changed the way I use the internet over the past week:

  1. StumbleUpon – I used to just use it for fun, pressing that Stumble! button is a great way to find new sites.  It has an uncanny ability to find your new favorite website.  Now I’m using stumbleupon to drive more traffic to to this website by using the “I like it!” button.  It’s an amazing way to get traffic.  Try it out!
  2. Google Reader – In the course they use Bloglines, but I already had opened my Google Reader account.  I had been using the link bar in Firefox to show my RSS feeds and it’s been overwhelmed.  My list was going across the window and then into the extended list.  The RSS reader has really enabled me to keep up to date with way more feeds.
  3. Alexa – Having the Alexa add-on has made me acutely aware of my websites score.  I’m addicted to the score and anxious to see it continue to improve.
  4. iTunes – I’ve used iTunes for a long time, but I never knew that you could give it an RSS feed and it would treat it like a podcast, and automatically download the media and put it into your library for syncing with an ipod.
  5. Using the RSS feed reader I’ve already found another couple of interesting tools.  For this website I learned about the Firebug add-on for firefox and the YSlow add-on that will test the performance and look for html, css, and javascript bugs in my webpages.

That’s just some of the new tools I’ve learned about and started using!  It’s only going to get better.  If you haven’t already checked it out there are some good videos on The Thirty Day Challenge.