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We here at have decided to put our dedicated and very talented team of engineers, computer scientists, lawyers, and marketing experts to good use. The result of weeks of dedicated research and unethical experimentation on our gaming comrades is this first installment of’s Beneficial Development Series: Facial Fitness.

Note: that our development team lacks any expertise in the matters of human health. Consult your physician or local gaming guru before deciding to implement any of the persona/lifestyle recommendations found herein.

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World Cup BallIt would seem that the boys and girls at Mozilla are just as enthralled with the world cup as the rest of us. They’ve taken the care (with help from joga) of putting together a slick little extension for Firefox which will not only spiff up your Firefox with a nice World Cup Skin but also make use of tabbed browsing to make sure you never miss another update on the World Cup Action. Of course all this glory doesn’t stop with up to date notification of the most recent goals on the latest soccer matches; you can also take a peek at the videos of the best goals, and interface with other fanatics hooligans fans.
A very slick little extension arriving just in time when soccer addiction is reaching dangerous levels.
This is very handy for those stuck in the office without access to a TV or those who want to know as soon as possible if they have to re-mortgage their house to pay off their bookie.
Check out this slick little Firefox extension by clicking here

Drowning PlanetWorld Renowned Physicist, text-to-speech pioneer, and Star Trek:TNG Cameo Stephen Hawking today declared that the only way for the Human Race to ensure it’s survival was to recognize the absolute necessity for the colonization of space.

Speaking at a news conference in Hong Kong, Hawking Said, “Life on Earth is at the ever-increasing risk of being wiped out by a disaster, such as sudden global warming, nuclear war, a genetically engineered virus or other dangers we have not yet thought of.”

Hawking predicted that a permenant colony could be establish on the moon within the next 20 years with a permenant colony on Mars following 20 years after that. However, Mr. Hawking was quick to point out, “We won’t find anywhere as nice as Earth unless we go to another star system.”

Could this be the first phase of the latest instance of science fiction becoming science?
For more on this, check this article from Forbes Online

Ms & LinuxIt’s official, the butterfly can sting back. Somehow, Microsoft Windows Server 2003 has beaten the long standing standard of uptime maintained by linux. In a head-to-head comparison performed by the Yankee group, Windows Server 2003 experienced 20% more annual uptime than the latest incarnation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Now if this sort of microsoft made reliability could somehow be transferred to every other division of microsoft and their respective products, i.e. IE7, WinXP, Windows Defender, MSN messenger… and the list goes on.

For more on this story, click here to view the source article presented by EB News

Bridget Rover

Stefan_Rousseau_PA.jpg" /> Despite the dissappointing failure disappearance of the £35million ($62m) Beagle probe on Mars in late 2003, the British decided to up the ante and have once again taken the reins to another European space agency attempt to land a robotic probe on mars.Nicknamed Bridget, the £100 million Rover is part of the ESA’s ExoMars mission (total mission cost £410 million) which is tenatively scheduled for launch in 2011. British scientists claim that Bridget and its astronomical pricetag will represent the most technologically advanced attempt to date in the search for life on Mars.

In addition to the now standard Rover complement of cutting edge panoramic cameras, spectrometers and drill core analyizers, Bridget will also be equipped with a ‘life marker chip’. This chip is essentially a “quick and dirty” test for the elements of life (amino acides, cellular membrances and various know pigments). It can be alikened to ‘at-home pregnancy test’ technology.
For more details on this exciting development check this article from The Independent as well as this article from 24Dash.

Look Who's Back It’s been a while, but here we are! We’re officially calling ourselves “Coming Soon”. The past couple of weeks have been somewhat overwhelming for all of us. Our team has been separated by an entire continent and our subsequent reorganization has been trying. But we’re here, we’re alive, and settling into newly redefined lives. We have added new talent to our team of controversial writers and we’re anxious to have our comment forums flooded with more high intensity debates.

So stay tuned.
It’s all on the way..

The Mythbusters
In the Premiere issue of Robot magazine, the Discovery-Channel-Made-Famous Mythbusters Jamie Hyneman, Adam Savage and Grant Imahara put their methods to use in an effort to test the VEX Robotics Design System.

Grant, an electrical engineer turned mythbuster puts the system to the test, which at first glance appears to be no more than a vastly superior alternative to the Lego Mindstorms kits.

This article comes complete with video snippets (windows media player format) of the Day One testing of the VEX as well as the Project Overview.

Click Here to Check out the Article from Robot Magazine

The rumour mill is working at full speed these days with regards to what will be the next move made by Apple Computers. In advance of the Macworld Expo in January 2006 there has been a lot of speculation about what might be unveiled. We at The Brig believe that the ‘soon to be announced’ Intel powered iBooks will be offered in the traditional White and also in the now familiar Black. Both Black and White will be available for the new 13.3 inch model and the 12.1 inch model. The basis for this rumour is based on the recent history of releases by Apple, and the huge popularity of the black iPod nanos and videos.

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Halo ZeroThis game is absolutely worth a check. Halo Zero is a classic style 2-D adventure featuring the Master chief battling the god forsaken covenant in Contra Styled interface. The final version has just been released, version 1.8.3 of Halo Zero.

It’s all there, the battle rifle, the pistol, the Rocket Launcher, your friendly marine backup and of course, the Warthog. It brings a tear to one’s eye, just the sheer beauty of it. If only Super Mario Brothers had been like this, maybe the world would have been a different place. Perhaps most impressive is the included multiplayer capability of the game; the game’s fun just builds.

So if you have Hi-speed (or failing that, if you have the time), check this out. These guys did a fantastic job.
Let’s just hope they don’t get sued :^)
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