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Last night I managed to get a new site launched. I’m still tweaking the site so, I’ll post the URL sometime later today once I get everything working the way I want.

Here’s what I did last night:

  1. On Godaddy they have an automated software installation service, I used it to install WordPress 2.2.1 (out of date I know)
  2. I found a theme that would work well with the niche of computer stock analysis.
  3. set up the title, subtitle and changed the widgets on the page.
  4. Installed the feedburner replacement plugin and created a feedburner feed for the site
  5. Installed the Google sitemap plugin and created the sitemap.xml file
  6. Used the Google webmasters tools to tell google about the site and select the default domain name.
  7. Copied over the robots.txt file
  8. Added Google Analytics code to the footer of the page
  9. Chose a better format for the URLs than “?p=123”

Then this morning:

  1. Decided to try out WordPress 2.3 so I upgraded the site.
  2. Found a product on ClickBank that related to the niche.
  3. Wrote the first post for the site.
  4. Checked all the links on the site, and made sure Google analytics was working.
  5. Added the site to my roster at NeverBlueAds (Great Affiliate marketing ads)

Today I’ll be working on getting lots of traffic to the site. I’ll spill all the details about it in my next post this evening. Stay tuned.

3So I kind of took a break this month from trying another business idea out. But that doesn’t mean that I wasn’t thinking about it! Right now I have at least two things that I want to try out.

First I want to delve further into affiliate marketing. I’ve already seen proof that I can generate regular traffic and my next goal is to convert that traffic into sales.

The first thing I’m going to do is simply to sell an ebook (or other product). Continue reading

Over the last 2 weeks of testing I’ve found a great new way to build sustained traffic for a blog.

The typical approach for a blogger is to leave comments on other blogs, or to submit their site to social bookmarking services, or directories.

Those approaches work to get traffic but typically they are short lived bursts.  You typically get one good day of traffic if you’re mentioned on a bigger site.

So I started thinking about building a sustained traffic source in the same way that I think about creating passive income.

Ideally, we’d like to do a bit of work up front and then pull in continuous traffic from that for a long time with very little maintenance.
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Paper bagOver the last few days I’ve stumbled on this internet marketing guru John Reese. John is a guy that has made many millions of dollars online. He owns which just launched BlogRush as their first product and has countless other products that he sells.

Last night I listened to a 2 hour interview with John that was part of the Immediate Edge material.
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Order a Text-Links-ads spot for my site this month and I’ll do a full review of your website and post it. 

To the first person who orders an link I’ll also personally help drive more traffic to your site for the entire month, in more ways than just having a link in the top left corner of the page and the review.

Using some great new link building and SEO techniques I’m learning I’ll help grow quality traffic to your site.

The current price for my text link ads is just $15 for the month (that’s 50 cents/day).  For that I’ll put some serious time into creating a base of sites to funnel organic traffic to your website.

You can buy a link here.

It seems like a great concept.  I get to have my content syndicated across the blogosphere for free.  The powerful thing about it is the number of times that my content can show up.  With BlogRush‘s referral program you have the chance to really have your posts show up pretty often.

they go 10 Referrals deep with syndication credit.  So everytime someone visits your page, or one of the pages 10 referrals away from you, you get a credit and one of your posts will be displayed in their widget.

In a way this is similar to the Google Adsense program except that rather than ads it’s direct links to posts, and of course it’s free.

Check out their site for the video introduction of how it all works.

cash flowOverview

The cash flow statement is what a business or person will have after doing a cash flow analysis. It is a financial statement that shows incoming and outgoing money over a period of time. Looking at a cash flow statement allows you to see how your balances have changed over that time. Typically the cash flow statement is broken down into operating cash flow, investing cash flow and financing cash flow. As an indicator of company strength, many investors consider cash flow to give extremely good insight into the quality of a business.

the cash flow statement is a useful accounting tool for both personal and business. For personal use it can open your eyes to see that you will have enough cash on hand to pay for upcoming expenses, or to see if you’re falling farther into debt. Within a business it can be important to know if there is enough cash to cover the payroll or other expenses. Outside of a business, lenders and investors are interested in seeing the cash flow statement because it indicates the strength and stability of a business. Continue reading

For the last while I’ve been devouring information about how to make money online. I’m getting more and more comfortable with the ideas involved and understanding how everything works together to drive lots of traffic and monetize it.

The key that I hadn’t really taken advantage of in the past is the expansion of a web presence.  That is, to have a number of sites on the internet that link back to whatever you’re promoting.  The more sites you have the bigger the funnel to drive traffic to your monetized site.
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After thinking about it for the whole week I decided that I would sign up for the Immediate Edge to continue my learning about building a business using internet marketing techniques. I really like their approach that focuses on long term business creation and not simply spamming the internet. They focus on explaining the reasons for everything they do.

Between the two guys Ed Dale and Dan Raine, they’ve made $9 million
over the last 2 years. That’s incredible. These guys really know what
they’re doing, and my impression of their site is that they really try
hard to share their success.

It simply wasn’t really feasible for me to self teach myself everything I’d need to know and reach my goals in time.  Spending a couple hundred bucks will fast track my success and hopefully prove to be a good investment.

At $100/month I would like to see a positive ROI within two to three months.  That means actively trying out the techniques they teach, and sticking with a project until it’s finished and generating revenue.