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I have to agree with Ed Dale‘s assesment about internet marketing in 2008. However it’s with caveats.

My girlfriend lives on Facebook, she is constantly on there sending messages to friends or checking the latest photos posted. People at my office spend their lunch time on the site. Facebook has become an addiction and it is showing no sign of stopping it’s growth.

One of the unique things about Facebook is that it’s built around the relationships of people, and they make it difficult to develop fake personas to infiltrate the system. It’s not so obvious how to take advantage of Facebook as compared to say MySpace where it was easier to spam.

In order to get any visibility on Facebook people have to seek you out, they have to want to see what you’re doing on there. You have to be genuinely interesting.

There are no shortcuts
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Recently I found out about the Firefox add-on called iMacros.  I checked it out and it seemed to work but on closer inspection it was nearly impossible to get it to record a macro and have it play back correctly.  Today I found another, much better Firefox add-on to do the same thing.  This one is from IBM and the interface is much cleaner than the iMacros add-on.
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There is a great post about lifestyle design posted on zen habits today and it reminded me of Tim Ferriss’ book 4 hour workweek. Tim is a proponent of making a conscious effort to design your life to be the way you want it, then finding ways to make it happen.

Zen Habits puts it this way:

What would you be doing tomorrow if you retired today?

Let’s say you had a blank day staring at you. You didn’t have to
work. You could do anything at all (although money is still a limiting
factor). What would your perfect day be like?

These questions are more than just hypothetical questions to ask for fun or idleness. It’s an exercise meant to get you thinking about designing your life.

Lately I’ve been passionate about one thing. Online marketing. I find it amazing that it’s possible to reach out and have so many people reading what I decide to publish. Trying to stay up on the latest technology changes, and the way that people react to what’s in front of them is amazing to see and fun to predict.

If I were to plan out my ideal day it would be a lot of productive work. My best days are the ones where I learn something new that I can share. So I’d probably want to spend my ideal day with a balance of reading and learning new things mixed with trying them out and seeing the results.

Of course if I were to really design it. I’d be doing that on a beach somewhere warm with a freshly mixed mojito on a nice laptop laying back in a comfortable beach chair.

Thinking about lifestyle design is really a good way to give yourself a goal, and perhaps realize if you’re in a rut. It’s definitely a worthwhile exercise.  Have you ever seriously tried to orchestrate your life rather than let it flow? Leave a comment.

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There are some well used techniques on the internet for relating to customers and developing a connection which you can leverage later. These marketing techinques are relatively low cost compared to the offline marketing techinques. Things like newsletters, blogs and affiliate marketing can be used by an established business to increase and improve it’s public profile.

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I just found this eye openning post on CDFnetworks.

Major milestones in affiliate marketing usually center around the $1,000 figure. Your first 1K month, first 1K week, first 1k day etc. Those are all definitely great achievements. But once in a while, when the planets align just right, that number can be supercharged to the $1,000 per hour level. This is an example of one of those days with 4 crazy 1k hours in a row, and what factors contributed to that flood of leads.

Read the full article here.

It’s simply amazing that this is even possible!  Yet another reason to stay committed to making money online.

In an effort to help spur on more commenting. I’ve decided to remove the nofollow tag that is attached to any links in the comments.

From Wikipedia:

nofollow is an HTML attribute value used to instruct search engines that a hyperlink should not influence the link target’s ranking in the search engine’s index.

The people at WordPress decided to set the default to set the nofollow tag on all links in comments in an attempt to slow down comment spam.  It was probably a good move for the default wordpress setup since that has no comment filtering enabled by default, and no challenge questions.

However if you have a blog and are moderating the comments, have a good spam filter or challenge question then consider removing the nofollow default. It’s just one more incentive for people to post comments.  For this site, I’ve managed to reduce the amount of spam to zero by putting that challenge question in.  I read every comment so any spam will be deleted quickly.

Any legitimate people that would like to comment and gain a link back to their site can post a quality comment on my site and will receive a link back that will be counted by the search engines.

I’m hoping that this attracts a few more comments to my posts

To do this on a wordpress blog just download and install the DoFollow Plugin.  It gives you some control over the nofollow tag.  allowing you to set time limits and treat trackbacks differently from comment links.

I mentioned in my last post that I do regular backups.  It’s something that I’ve learned from experience to be really nice to have when you need it.

Moving your work online means you probably don’t have to worry about it as much but there’s always going to be valuable files on your hard drive that are irreplaceable.

For several months I’ve been using SyncBack Freeware to manage my backups from Windows.  It’s a great little program that does everything I needed to for backups.  Paired with an external drive, I was able to set it and forget it.

With the software I’ve set up a number of specific locations that I wanted to have backed up regularly.  That included the My Documents folder, all my Music, and my folders of projects that I’m working on.  The software gives me the option of either doing a backup or syncing the folders.  There’s lots of power there if you want to use it.

But the great thing is that there are no annoying message boxes or anything.  It kind of disappears and you won’t know it’s running until it pops up a log that tells you it’s done.

I highly recommend investing the time and money into a backup solution.  Remember: All hard drives crash. It’s just a matter of time.

This is the first in a series of posts about taking advantage of automation to improve your efficiency. In this post I’ll show you how to Automate the Web with Firefox and various online services.

First tip is to use an RSS reader to aggregate all the sites you read regularly. This is huge! There are so many websites that we want to read but it takes a long time to go to each site and see if there’s anything new or interesting. An RSS Reader automates the process of getting all the latest posts so you don’t have to check all your bookmarks every day. try Bloglines or Google Reader.

Tip Two is to install iMacros. iMacros allows you to simply record what you do in either Firefox or Internet Explorer in the same way that you would for Excel. It has the added coolness that you can encode your macro into a link and pass it around to friends or put it on your desktop. Say you want to download a particular page everyday, or there’s a form you fill out often. This tool will let you click once and do everything for you. With iMacros, anything you can do in the browser you can automate.
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The internet is a great resource for people that want to learn something new.  There’s a blog out there for just about every subject imaginable.

Copywriting is a skill that can be mastered, though it is a very difficult thing to understand for new people.  Good copywriting can mean the difference between making no money online and making money hand over fist.

Good copywriting is something that something that is quantifiable,  if it sells it’s good.  But the notion of what is good is continuously changing so it’s important to stay on top of the latest techniques and keep moving with the market.

These are some great blogs about copywriting that I keep in my feed reader.

These are all great resources.  I hope you can learn as much from them as I have.