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My new business cards arrived today. Did I really need these cards? Probably not, but I love them.

I designed the HalOtis logo two years ago and I’m still in love with it. As every month passes I find that I associate myself with my company more. It’s a strange feeling, but an awesome one.

Back in elementary, I recall being one of those students that was well liked and trusted by the teachers and administration. By the time I was a senior it really did feel like I owned the entire building. I knew every room and closet, was able to get into the teachers lounge, the band room, and chemistry lab. I even knew where to find the keys to the trap door behind the auditorium stage where we kept the props. That feeling of knowing everything, being in control, and not restricted by rules and regulations is how I feel about my business.

Having this buiness card is not only a great thing to quickly be able to exchange contact information. It changes my own identity. Suddenly I’m not only Matt Warren the computer programmer, now I’m also Matt Warren business owner and director and I can wear both hats.

Since the beginning of the month I’ve been on a bit of a rampage.  I’ve started 1 tumblr blog, 2 blogger blogs, and 1 I’m hosting myself.  There’s no stopping there either.  I’m going to continue starting websites at a rapid pace.  Some simple math tells me that I’ll probably need 20 profitable sites before it’ll be a full time income.  To find those profitable 20 however will require starting a lot more.

If I estimate my success rate for starting a profitable site at 10% then I’ll have to start 200 sites.  That’s a lot of sites! 

Thanks to Ed Dale’s tips, the financial risk is out of the equation.  With a solid process it should be possible to do the market research for a new niche, launch the site, and create some quality content for it in just a few hours. 

Launching and running so many sites has given me some potential business ideas which I may investigate soon.  In the meantime I’m working on a future post with some tips for managing multiple sites.

Five blogs is somewhat manageable but I don’t know how easy it will be to scale to 10, 20, or 50 sites.

Last week I launched a new site.  I got ahead of the 30 Day challenge and decided to buy a domain name and some hosting for one of the niches.  So I picked up and installed WordPress on it.  Today I’ve ranked on the Google search results!!! This is super exciting.  especially since I didn’t expect to because I bought a domain name specifically for it rather than using a more established site to host the blog.

Check out the site and SumbleUpon it to help me get some traffic.

This is so cool.

It has become increasingly apparent over the last few weeks that there are some things missing from my approach to make money online. The most successful people in internet marketing out there have amassed a large collection of web properties that collectively give time many thousands of unique visitors each day. That’s a lot of eyeballs. That allows these people to quickly try out a new advertising product and quickly get measurable results back.

Quite often I like to work backwards from the goal to see what the next steps should be or if there’s something that I need to learn. Lets start with the goal of making $10 000 each month online passively. How do you do that? There are two options that immediately come to mind:

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ergonomic workstationOver the last week I’ve become acutely aware of the importance of a good quality ergonomic workstation.  Early last week I felt the pearcing pain associated with Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.   Immediately I had to slow down and start to pay attention to everything that I touch.  I switched from using the mouse with my right hand to using my left — which is incredibly frustrating.

I was putting in about 12 hours per day of computer usage;  and still am.  With the pain in my wrist I’ve had to put some serious thought into what I can do to keep going.  I’m only 25, and still have 2 or 3 decades of work left to do where I’ll need to use my fingers to control the computer.  I can’t let something prevent me from working effeciently.

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I found the video for 8 minute abs online the other day and it got me thinking.  How much do you think this guy made from the simple 8 minute video.  The production quality of this video is nothing that couldn’t be done today with a simple camcorder and basic video editing software.  The exercises he uses in the 8 minute program are standard crunches and their variations.  There’s nothing new or innovative here.  Yet somehow it sparked numerous immitators and countless jokes.

While that kind of success from an 8 minute video is probably impossible in the age of youtube.  It would make an interesting case study on the power of good marketing.

It’s also interesting to think about what you could accomplish with a short video.  That 8 minute video made a huge impact.  What could you come up with?

I am simple astounded at the success people are having with getting ranked on Google.  It simply doesn’t seem possible that it should be so easy. 

Previously I had assumed that in order to get ranked high you had to have a website that was reasonably well established and had collected a large number of links back to the site.  I was under the impression that Google was using the number of links as a measure of how good a page was.

Boy was I wrong!  With the number of people that have managed to get put on the front page of Google for their key phrase in just hours without, it seems, doing any promotion what-so-ever.

With the process that Ed has created.  It now seems possible to find a niche, get content and publish it, and have the site show up in Google where you receive real targeted traffic within a day easily.  In fact if you had a small team of two people brainstorming on a Saturday it would probably be possible to have as many as 10 new targeted sites up and potentially generating profit by the end of the day.

Can you imagine if you made that a monthly event?  Every month have a development day where you build 10 potential new niche sites and then over month you tend them, adding content.  Gradually evaluating the best performers and finding ways to explore them further for more profit potential and killing off the ones that don’t convert.  If every month you had just one that performed extremely well and gave you just $100/month in profit, then you’d make $7800 in your first year, and $22000 in your second, and $36000 in your third.  Of course $100/month is nothing.  What happens when you hit on a niche that really performs and you establish yourself as the authority within that niche.  Suddenly you’ve added $50,000 to $100,000 or more to your salary.

Over the weekend I’m going to further refine the steps that Ed has provided for the Thirty Day Challenge and distill it to a process that can be quickly run through in minutes.  With a documented process it should be much more efficient to step through and get things going faster.

This makes me very excited.  I will definitely be exploring the world of internet marketing more in the future.  If there ever was a better way to make money I haven’t heard of it.

This is great! Here I am sporting the first official HalOtis t-shirt.  I ordered the custom shirt from just 2 weeks ago.  It arrived yesterday in the mail after getting hung up at the canadian boarder for a few days. 

This is the currently the only HalOtis t-shirt in existance.

I think it’s pretty cool that it’s possible these days to make a custom t-shirt online in about 15 minutes and can order just one at a time at a reasonable cost.

The shirt was shipped within a few hours of me placing the order – which blew my mind.  I would love to see how they run the operation over there at zazzle.  It must be a pretty impressive assembly line.

The quality of the American Apparel shirt is superb, and the printing quality is much better than I had expected.

Thinking about a neat idea for a gift?  Design a custom shirt!  It’s pretty unique.

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A lot of people online are using their blogs to make money. In fact there are people out there that make serious six figure incomes from their blogs. Should you jump into it to get a piece of the action?

Currently I’m authoring 3 different blogs and I’m already feeling the pinch. It’s difficult to find the time to write for that many sites, especially with a full-time job. There are tools out there to help with managing multiple sites, but writing still takes time and finding ideas is not always an easy process.

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Moleskin notebookEarly this month I decided to pick up a small notebook that I could use when I’m out and want to write down ideas. Having something close at hand has proved to be invaluable for keeping track of all those ideas that I have throughout the day.

I found the ideal book at my local bookstore. but they’re also available from right here: Moleskine Small Plain Notebook Writing Journals Book.  Paired with a Bullet Space Pen I have the perfect way to carry around my ideas.

The hard cover of the moleskin makes it easy to take notes without using anything to write against.  The size is good compromise between giving enough room to write notes on but also it easily fits in my hand or pocket.  I’ve already used this to great effect to keep a list of blog post ideas.  What I’ve noticed is that there were many ideas I had that would have been forgotten, but with the notebook I have a record to keep me on track and more organized.

It’s much easier to think of things to write about when you have a shortlist of ideas you’ve already thought of.  Rather than sitting down at the computer and then trying to brainstorm post ideas.  Now I have a list to go through.  In the past two weeks it’s already saved me a few hours work and increased the efficiency of my writing immensly.

Of course it still takes time to think of ideas.  But now I can leverage the time when I’m walking to work, or on the bus, or lying on the beach.

Pen and paper may be old tech, but it can be pretty efficient.