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2 This past weekend I was scheduled to think of an idea to test for my second business. It kept me awake all night Friday trying to find just the right idea.

At about 3am I finally realized that the best thing to do is to dedicate the month of August to the Thirty Day Challenge. So on Saturday I did some more reading about the challenge and I got even more excited about it.

Along with the videos on http://www.thirtydaychallenge/blog I also found this video on youtube that sold me on the program: Continue reading

Quill PenOne of my favorite blogs had a great post the other day. The post on Problogger called The 4 Pillars of Writing Exceptional Blogs was guest written by Leo Babauta of Zen Habits. There were a number of very useful tips in the article left an impression on me. Though I’ve read many times before the importance of creating quality content in order to drive traffic to a blog this article really made it clear what I have to do for this site.

My problem has always been consistency. From time to time I get really into working on my online projects and lots of things happen all at once. I’ll rework the theme, sign up new advertisers, and write a few articles. However a week later, I’ll forget the site even exists and the content will stop coming, the page will fall into disrepair, and the traffic that I’d worked hard for will dry up. The following are my tips to stay committed to a blog. Continue reading

JP MorganOne day, a man approached JP Morgan, held up an envelope, and said, “Sir, in my hand I hold a guaranteed formula for success, which I will gladly sell to you for $25,000.”

“Sir,” JP Morgan replied, “I do not know what is in the envelope. However, if you show me and I like it, I give you my word as a gentleman that I will pay you what you ask.”

The man agreed to the terms and handed over the envelope. JP Morgan opened it, and extracted a single sheet of paper. He gave it one look and handed the piece of paper back to the gent, pulled out his checkbook, and paid the man the agreed-upon $25,000.

The paper read:

  1. Every morning, write a list of the things that need to be done that day.
  2. Do them.

30 Day ChallengeThe other day I was doing some searching online for other blogs about passive income.  I came across someone’s site, One Penny Project, and found out about the Thirty Day Challenge.  So I decided to sign up.

The basic premise seems pretty intriguing.  For the past few years they’ve developed a challenge related to making money online and allowed anyone to participate for free.

This year’s challenge will involve making $10 online without any initial financial investment.   They’ll step you through the entire process to creating the business, so there should be lots of things to learn.

The difficult thing will be to stick through with it till the end. Dedicating time everyday to a project like this is not easy to do.  So I have to make a commitment to myself to setting aside time every day to get things done.

Many people struggle with remembering peoples names. I’ve always found it difficult to do, in fact until recently I’ve avoided using peoples names in conversation, and avoided conversations with people that I wasn’t sure of their name. Fortunately it’s a situation that can be mended.

Have you ever run into someone that you met briefly a month before, and they call you by your name? How does it make you feel? Important. You can give that feeling to others simply by remembering their names. Continue reading

Designing an Organizational Strategy is the process of creating what is referred to as the “org chart.” It’s important early in the development of a company because as the business grows it helps guide the growth in the right ways. Even though there is really only myself operating the business at the moment I’ll create an org chart with all the positions that I want to have in the business when it is fully developed. As I am the only person with responsibility to the company right now, I will be in all of those positions. Continue reading

cross hair
The first question any budding entrepreneur may want to ask themselves is: “What is my primary aim?” Running a business will probably play a very prominent role in your life so it’s important to know your goals, and reasons for taking on such a challenge. You may want to start by taking some time to work through these questions:

  • What do I value most?
  • What do I want my life to look like?
  • What kind of life do I want?
  • Who do I wish to be?
  • What kind of lasting impression would I like to leave on my family, friends, and the world?
  • How much money do I need to accomplish my goals?

Without the answers to these questions guiding the decision process all along the way you’ll be wandering without a destination. Once you have the answers to these questions you’ll have a decision making paradigm which you can use to keep your business on track to accomplish your goals.

A decision making paradigm is a way to help make the right decision quickly, it might be as simple as saying yes to everything, though that is probably not a good way to make decisions. A better paradigm might follow these steps:

  1. Have well-defined short and long term goals
  2. Make decisions that works towards those goals
  3. Any time you find yourself getting farther away from your goals, stop, and re-evaluate

I think you’d agree that if you only made decisions like that you’d eventually get closer to your goals.

So what is the primary aim of HalOtis?

Well, I value my independence, I enjoy eating well, I like to learn new skills, I want to live comfortably and not have to worry about scrounging for money to buy small items, I value my health, and I would love to travel. In 20 years I would like to be a home owner, have a well connected circle of friends around the world and have a bunch of good stories to share. It’s important to keep myself happy, by spending time with friends and meeting new ones. When it comes time to retire, I don’t want to have to take a cut in my annual income. I want to be someone important that accomplished my goals, contributes back to the community, and I want people to remember me as such. The dollar value that I’ll need to do everything is going to be rather high.

Not all of the goals stated above can be checked off solely by starting and running a business. Entrepreneurship however does offer the chance to tackle quite a few of them, and in all the things I’ve read about getting rich, knowing how to run a business is almost a prerequisite. Having a successful business will require making connections, which I can take advantage of to make friends. It allows me to write off business trips, which makes it easier for me to see the world. I’ll be challenged to learn new things to keep up with the competition, and I’ll have the independence that comes with being my own boss.

The primary aim of HalOtis is to create something that gets noticed, and gives me the chance to live the life I’ve dreamed of.

With the hype this summer about the movie “Who Killed the Electric Car?” I thought I might explain why I think there’s a problem with them.

What it comes down to is that there are not enough parts on an electric car that can break. An electric car as compared to a conventional gas car has no gas tank, and fuel lines, no oil pan, or alternator, no fuel injection system, air filters, spark plugs, muffler, or radiator. The engine in an electric car contains 3 moving parts, compared to the immense complexity of modern gas engines. Because the power band on an electric motor is so consistant the gear box might only require 1 or 2 gears.

That means that there is very little that can break on an electric car. There’s no need to bring it to the service station for servicing, or oil changes. That little light to indicate engine trouble probably isn’t even necessary on an electric car. All that infrastructure built up over the years to supply the millions of cars with the replacement parts they need becomes useless, the entire servicing industry downsizes. Factories that built engine parts will go out of business and many many people will lose their jobs.So I guess the real problem with electric cars is that they doom the replacement part and maintenance industry. They leave consumers with more of their money to spend elsewhere rather than with the car companies.

terk robot recipeThe TElepresence Robot Kit (TeRK) is part of the Toy Robots Initiative at Carnegie Mellon University‘s Robotics Institute. They have a goal of lowering the barrier to entry for Robot designing and attracting more people into the technology fields of Computer Science and Engineering. The first edition of their kit is yet to be released but all indications are that it will be an extremely affordable and easy to use way of building real robots with all the bells and whistles like webcams and wi-fi.

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