Blogs — Passive or Not?

A lot of people online are using their blogs to make money. In fact there are people out there that make serious six figure incomes from their blogs. Should you jump into it to get a piece of the action?

Currently I’m authoring 3 different blogs and I’m already feeling the pinch. It’s difficult to find the time to write for that many sites, especially with a full-time job. There are tools out there to help with managing multiple sites, but writing still takes time and finding ideas is not always an easy process.

However there is a secret that makes it easier. Have a system. One of my sites is dedicated to a very small niche which makes the process of finding ideas a little easier. On top of that I have developed a process for finding good post ideas which is very concrete. As a result I can write a post for the site in about ten minutes.

My other blogs however are more difficult. Thinking of topics for this blog is a much more arduous process. This blog is most definately not passive.

If it’s possible for a blog to be passive I certainly haven’t figured it out. Writing, at least for me, is not a quick process.
The truth is that starting a successful blog is not necessarily easy. You have to be committed to writing because a blog is about the content on it, not the quality of the well placed ads.

If you love to write and have an opinion you want to share with the world then give it a go. But expect it to take time.