Business 3: New Site Launched

Last night I managed to get a new site launched. I’m still tweaking the site so, I’ll post the URL sometime later today once I get everything working the way I want.

Here’s what I did last night:

  1. On Godaddy they have an automated software installation service, I used it to install WordPress 2.2.1 (out of date I know)
  2. I found a theme that would work well with the niche of computer stock analysis.
  3. set up the title, subtitle and changed the widgets on the page.
  4. Installed the feedburner replacement plugin and created a feedburner feed for the site
  5. Installed the Google sitemap plugin and created the sitemap.xml file
  6. Used the Google webmasters tools to tell google about the site and select the default domain name.
  7. Copied over the robots.txt file
  8. Added Google Analytics code to the footer of the page
  9. Chose a better format for the URLs than “?p=123”

Then this morning:

  1. Decided to try out WordPress 2.3 so I upgraded the site.
  2. Found a product on ClickBank that related to the niche.
  3. Wrote the first post for the site.
  4. Checked all the links on the site, and made sure Google analytics was working.
  5. Added the site to my roster at NeverBlueAds (Great Affiliate marketing ads)

Today I’ll be working on getting lots of traffic to the site. I’ll spill all the details about it in my next post this evening. Stay tuned.