Business Two: The Plan for the next Month

2 This past weekend I was scheduled to think of an idea to test for my second business. It kept me awake all night Friday trying to find just the right idea.

At about 3am I finally realized that the best thing to do is to dedicate the month of August to the Thirty Day Challenge. So on Saturday I did some more reading about the challenge and I got even more excited about it.

Along with the videos on http://www.thirtydaychallenge/blog I also found this video on youtube that sold me on the program:

There are several major benefits to doing this challenge over rolling out my own idea:

  • I’m convinced that I’ll learn more by taking this challenge than I would going my own way again this month.
  • There’s also a better chance of making money by going through this program.
  • I have the chance to network and meet like minded people around the world.
  • The Thirty Day Challenge will not require any of the money I have saved so I’ll have more available to me for business number three in September.

I’m so excited to get started with this on August 1st.