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Paper bagOver the last few days I’ve stumbled on this internet marketing guru John Reese. John is a guy that has made many millions of dollars online. He owns which just launched BlogRush as their first product and has countless other products that he sells.

Last night I listened to a 2 hour interview with John that was part of the Immediate Edge material.
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cash flowOverview

The cash flow statement is what a business or person will have after doing a cash flow analysis. It is a financial statement that shows incoming and outgoing money over a period of time. Looking at a cash flow statement allows you to see how your balances have changed over that time. Typically the cash flow statement is broken down into operating cash flow, investing cash flow and financing cash flow. As an indicator of company strength, many investors consider cash flow to give extremely good insight into the quality of a business.

the cash flow statement is a useful accounting tool for both personal and business. For personal use it can open your eyes to see that you will have enough cash on hand to pay for upcoming expenses, or to see if you’re falling farther into debt. Within a business it can be important to know if there is enough cash to cover the payroll or other expenses. Outside of a business, lenders and investors are interested in seeing the cash flow statement because it indicates the strength and stability of a business. Continue reading

After thinking about it for the whole week I decided that I would sign up for the Immediate Edge to continue my learning about building a business using internet marketing techniques. I really like their approach that focuses on long term business creation and not simply spamming the internet. They focus on explaining the reasons for everything they do.

Between the two guys Ed Dale and Dan Raine, they’ve made $9 million
over the last 2 years. That’s incredible. These guys really know what
they’re doing, and my impression of their site is that they really try
hard to share their success.

It simply wasn’t really feasible for me to self teach myself everything I’d need to know and reach my goals in time.  Spending a couple hundred bucks will fast track my success and hopefully prove to be a good investment.

At $100/month I would like to see a positive ROI within two to three months.  That means actively trying out the techniques they teach, and sticking with a project until it’s finished and generating revenue.

There are some well used techniques on the internet for relating to customers and developing a connection which you can leverage later. These marketing techinques are relatively low cost compared to the offline marketing techinques. Things like newsletters, blogs and affiliate marketing can be used by an established business to increase and improve it’s public profile.

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In an effort to help spur on more commenting. I’ve decided to remove the nofollow tag that is attached to any links in the comments.

From Wikipedia:

nofollow is an HTML attribute value used to instruct search engines that a hyperlink should not influence the link target’s ranking in the search engine’s index.

The people at WordPress decided to set the default to set the nofollow tag on all links in comments in an attempt to slow down comment spam.  It was probably a good move for the default wordpress setup since that has no comment filtering enabled by default, and no challenge questions.

However if you have a blog and are moderating the comments, have a good spam filter or challenge question then consider removing the nofollow default. It’s just one more incentive for people to post comments.  For this site, I’ve managed to reduce the amount of spam to zero by putting that challenge question in.  I read every comment so any spam will be deleted quickly.

Any legitimate people that would like to comment and gain a link back to their site can post a quality comment on my site and will receive a link back that will be counted by the search engines.

I’m hoping that this attracts a few more comments to my posts

To do this on a wordpress blog just download and install the DoFollow Plugin.  It gives you some control over the nofollow tag.  allowing you to set time limits and treat trackbacks differently from comment links.

This is the first in a series of posts about taking advantage of automation to improve your efficiency. In this post I’ll show you how to Automate the Web with Firefox and various online services.

First tip is to use an RSS reader to aggregate all the sites you read regularly. This is huge! There are so many websites that we want to read but it takes a long time to go to each site and see if there’s anything new or interesting. An RSS Reader automates the process of getting all the latest posts so you don’t have to check all your bookmarks every day. try Bloglines or Google Reader.

Tip Two is to install iMacros. iMacros allows you to simply record what you do in either Firefox or Internet Explorer in the same way that you would for Excel. It has the added coolness that you can encode your macro into a link and pass it around to friends or put it on your desktop. Say you want to download a particular page everyday, or there’s a form you fill out often. This tool will let you click once and do everything for you. With iMacros, anything you can do in the browser you can automate.
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The internet is a great resource for people that want to learn something new.  There’s a blog out there for just about every subject imaginable.

Copywriting is a skill that can be mastered, though it is a very difficult thing to understand for new people.  Good copywriting can mean the difference between making no money online and making money hand over fist.

Good copywriting is something that something that is quantifiable,  if it sells it’s good.  But the notion of what is good is continuously changing so it’s important to stay on top of the latest techniques and keep moving with the market.

These are some great blogs about copywriting that I keep in my feed reader.

These are all great resources.  I hope you can learn as much from them as I have.

ergonomic workstationOver the last week I’ve become acutely aware of the importance of a good quality ergonomic workstation.  Early last week I felt the pearcing pain associated with Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.   Immediately I had to slow down and start to pay attention to everything that I touch.  I switched from using the mouse with my right hand to using my left — which is incredibly frustrating.

I was putting in about 12 hours per day of computer usage;  and still am.  With the pain in my wrist I’ve had to put some serious thought into what I can do to keep going.  I’m only 25, and still have 2 or 3 decades of work left to do where I’ll need to use my fingers to control the computer.  I can’t let something prevent me from working effeciently.

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Moleskin notebookEarly this month I decided to pick up a small notebook that I could use when I’m out and want to write down ideas. Having something close at hand has proved to be invaluable for keeping track of all those ideas that I have throughout the day.

I found the ideal book at my local bookstore. but they’re also available from right here: Moleskine Small Plain Notebook Writing Journals Book.  Paired with a Bullet Space Pen I have the perfect way to carry around my ideas.

The hard cover of the moleskin makes it easy to take notes without using anything to write against.  The size is good compromise between giving enough room to write notes on but also it easily fits in my hand or pocket.  I’ve already used this to great effect to keep a list of blog post ideas.  What I’ve noticed is that there were many ideas I had that would have been forgotten, but with the notebook I have a record to keep me on track and more organized.

It’s much easier to think of things to write about when you have a shortlist of ideas you’ve already thought of.  Rather than sitting down at the computer and then trying to brainstorm post ideas.  Now I have a list to go through.  In the past two weeks it’s already saved me a few hours work and increased the efficiency of my writing immensly.

Of course it still takes time to think of ideas.  But now I can leverage the time when I’m walking to work, or on the bus, or lying on the beach.

Pen and paper may be old tech, but it can be pretty efficient.

I’ve narrowed down my list of ideas to these 7:

  1. Motorcycle maintenance
  2. custom belt buckles
  3. web games
  4. felt hats
  5. model rocketry
  6. digital SLR photography techniques
  7. go cart racing

While taking notes about these. I’ve been using Google Notebook to jot down my thoughts but to organize things I’ve found that using a spreadsheet (on Google Docs) to be the most productive.

A spreadsheet provides a bit more structure that should be helpful when it comes time to start comparing these ideas to find the best ones. Quickly being able to scan through everything will help cut a few minutes off the process at least.

I can’t wait to see what Ed has us do next.