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For the last while I’ve been devouring information about how to make money online. I’m getting more and more comfortable with the ideas involved and understanding how everything works together to drive lots of traffic and monetize it.

The key that I hadn’t really taken advantage of in the past is the expansion of a web presence.  That is, to have a number of sites on the internet that link back to whatever you’re promoting.  The more sites you have the bigger the funnel to drive traffic to your monetized site.
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In an effort to help spur on more commenting. I’ve decided to remove the nofollow tag that is attached to any links in the comments.

From Wikipedia:

nofollow is an HTML attribute value used to instruct search engines that a hyperlink should not influence the link target’s ranking in the search engine’s index.

The people at WordPress decided to set the default to set the nofollow tag on all links in comments in an attempt to slow down comment spam.  It was probably a good move for the default wordpress setup since that has no comment filtering enabled by default, and no challenge questions.

However if you have a blog and are moderating the comments, have a good spam filter or challenge question then consider removing the nofollow default. It’s just one more incentive for people to post comments.  For this site, I’ve managed to reduce the amount of spam to zero by putting that challenge question in.  I read every comment so any spam will be deleted quickly.

Any legitimate people that would like to comment and gain a link back to their site can post a quality comment on my site and will receive a link back that will be counted by the search engines.

I’m hoping that this attracts a few more comments to my posts

To do this on a wordpress blog just download and install the DoFollow Plugin.  It gives you some control over the nofollow tag.  allowing you to set time limits and treat trackbacks differently from comment links.

The internet is a great resource for people that want to learn something new.  There’s a blog out there for just about every subject imaginable.

Copywriting is a skill that can be mastered, though it is a very difficult thing to understand for new people.  Good copywriting can mean the difference between making no money online and making money hand over fist.

Good copywriting is something that something that is quantifiable,  if it sells it’s good.  But the notion of what is good is continuously changing so it’s important to stay on top of the latest techniques and keep moving with the market.

These are some great blogs about copywriting that I keep in my feed reader.

These are all great resources.  I hope you can learn as much from them as I have.

A lot of people online are using their blogs to make money. In fact there are people out there that make serious six figure incomes from their blogs. Should you jump into it to get a piece of the action?

Currently I’m authoring 3 different blogs and I’m already feeling the pinch. It’s difficult to find the time to write for that many sites, especially with a full-time job. There are tools out there to help with managing multiple sites, but writing still takes time and finding ideas is not always an easy process.

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I’m in the market for a new computer, and my eye is on the new iMac. In fact I’m not even considering a non-apple product.

I love computers. I’m a full time programmer during the day, and then after work I spend a serious amount of time working on various online projects. In my years I’ve exposed myself to many different operating systems. I’ve used Linux extensively as my primary operating system for several years and loved it. At work I use a variety of Windows versions to great distress. I’ve worked on some really old and new versions of various Unixes over the years. All these have given me the perspective of where the strengths and weaknesses are in various operating systems. Continue reading

leverageThere’s a video on the Thirty Day Challenge blog that has changed the way that I use the internet. The Challenge hasn’t even started yet and there’s already been some really good lessons. This video opened my mind to the power of using sites like SumbleUpon,, Technorati, Facebook, personal blogs, and Flickr to create a lot of presence over one link. Using all of these services together increases the leverage. Taking this to the next level, there’s also introducing friends to these techniques and have them tag everything you just did.

Check out the video here.

You can imagine the viral nature of this. There’s so many services out there to help get your message out and create links back to your sites.

With the right tools it’s easy to make the entire process quick and efficient. And the effect can be profound.

Find places where there are lots of people and you’ll have an opportunity to get your message out. Remember, the more places where you link back to your site the easier it will be for people to find it. You can use leverage to make the impact even bigger.

Social NetworkIn my attempt at getting a business running online last month I relied solely on paid traffic by buying Google Adwords. There’s probably a lot I have to learn about buying traffic with PPC (Pay Per Click) systems. The biggest thing that I learned about AdWords was that it’s expensive.

Perhaps it was the words I was bidding on but even with the long tail keywords the cost was still typically in the 30 cents per visitor range. That may not seem like much but considering that a relatively successful blog will get about 1000 visitors per day. It would add up pretty quickly to get any meaningful amount of traffic.

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Quill PenOne of my favorite blogs had a great post the other day. The post on Problogger called The 4 Pillars of Writing Exceptional Blogs was guest written by Leo Babauta of Zen Habits. There were a number of very useful tips in the article left an impression on me. Though I’ve read many times before the importance of creating quality content in order to drive traffic to a blog this article really made it clear what I have to do for this site.

My problem has always been consistency. From time to time I get really into working on my online projects and lots of things happen all at once. I’ll rework the theme, sign up new advertisers, and write a few articles. However a week later, I’ll forget the site even exists and the content will stop coming, the page will fall into disrepair, and the traffic that I’d worked hard for will dry up. The following are my tips to stay committed to a blog. Continue reading

After much fidgeting with CSS to get the site working in Internet Explorer I was finally ready to set the updated theme live.

I would very much like to hear your opinion on it.  Let me know if there’s something that looks not quite right on your system.

This page has looked the same for a while now.  It’s time for a change.

There’s a bunch of things that I don’t particularly like about the way this theme is designed.

Here are the outstanding issues to be fixed:

  • There are a lot of pixel sized items that restrict the page layout on different resolutions.
  • The menu bar is not prominent.
  • The page is too narrow, and as a result there is unused space that could be used to show more useful information without scrolling.

I’m thinking about ways to make the site look better.  If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them.  What do you like or not like about the theme?  Leave a comment.