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Boy Being Emotionally DisturbedPerhaps the experts that Senator Hillary Clinton quotes in her quest to Ban Violent Video games include none other than Dr. Sears. In our investigation of the topic, The Brig has come across a popular website that is frequented by Parents. has a very extensive article about the damages that violent video games can cause and the threat to sound child development that they pose.

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Taipei 101Reuters Reports that Seismic activity in Taipei has increased since the world’s tallest building, Taipei 101, was built, raising questions over whether the Taiwan capital has become more vulnerable to earthquakes.

The city has recorded an increase in micro-earthquakes (of magnitude 2.0-2.5 on the Richter scale) and since construction began on the 508-meter (1,667-ft) tall Taipei 101.

Perhaps even more alarming is the fact that two earthquakes of magnitude 3.8 and 3.2 occurred directly beneath Taipei 101 in October 2004 and March 2005.

Asked whether Taipei 101 could actually be the cause of these earthquakes, Lin Cheng-horng, a geologist at the Institute of Earth Sciences at Taiwan’s most prestigious think tank said There is a distinct possibility of earthquakes being triggered by the recent construction of the world’s highest building.

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M&M Sorter Ever want to say eat all the Brown M&M’s but you lack the patience to sit there and sort through the entire pack by color. Well fret no more my friends, The boys and Girls over at Parallax seem to have the answer for you: an M&M sorter (surprise).

They have the full deal there: Build instructions, diagrams and circuit layouts.
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Robotic Moose In perhaps one of the most “off the beaten path” applications of robotics, the Government of the Canadian province of Nova Scotia has opted to use a Robotic Moose as a decoy to convince poachers to take that tempting shot – at which time they are promptly arrested by waiting wildlife officials.

Moose are currently on the endangered species list in Nova Scotia and this off the wall tactic is perhaps a last desperate measure to save the declining heard.

The decoy is so realistic that all of the arrests have so far have happened during daylight hours.

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A Dancing The latest news from the Tokyo Robot Exhibition is an intricate mix of robotics and Elegance. A group of talented developers headed by Japan’s Tohoku University today unveiled the “PBDR”, otherwise known as the Partner Ballroom Dance Robot.

This elegant robot, designed to waltz with a human partner makes use of technology that is still under intense development which estimates human intention. While it may not be artificial intelligence, it is an algorithm so complicated that it may eventually surpass the sense of anticipation that human dance partners have.
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Yaskawa Electric’s MOTOMAN-DA20 industrial robot is intended to be a drop in replacement for people on the factory floor. With it’s two arms, and human sized torso the idea seems to be to get rid of the people and bolt down a new robotic replacement.

The Japanese have done it again. While part of me is scared about what could happen if robots took all those jobs from people, the other part is excited to see what these guys can do.

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PwnedBeen playing a little too much Halo/Halo 2? Have you been wondering if you should take a break maybe to take in some of the Christmas Spirit, or maybe just to reclaim a little of your humanity before Bungie steals your soul with Halo 3? Well all of us here at want to help. So we’ve come up with an accurate list of the Top Ten Symptoms exhibited by people suffering from Halo 2 Overexposure (clinically referred to as Haloverexposure).

(Please note that none of us are psychologists, Medical Doctors, Therapists, or really anyone with any sort of validation to create such a list outside of the fact that we all play Halo.)

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SpaceX, the company funded and founded by Elon Musk with $100 million from his personal fortune is ready to make space more accessible. Well, after waiting on the launch pad for several days they’ve had to delay the launch while they await for a fresh supply of liquid oxygen to arrive from Hawaii to their launch site on Kwajalein Atoll in the Pacific Ocean’s Marshall Islands.

SpaceX claims to be able to reduce the cost of flying into space to about half of current prices. That would position the company well in the satellite launch business, provided of course that the Falcon rockets can build a good success record.
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Water Ice on MarsNew Scientist Space Reports that Radar imaging by The MARS EXPRESS probe has discovered what appears to be Water Ice below the surface of the Red Planet.

The Ice was found in two regions of red planet’s northern hemisphere: the mid-latitude lowlands, otherwise known as Chryse Planitia and the northern polar cap. At the Northern Polar cap nearly pure Water Ice was found to stretch from just below the surface to a depth of nearly 1.8 kilometers.

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