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Website income for the month of September was just $3.44. All of that came from Google Adsense.

Not too exciting, and there’s definitely room for improvement. I’m still not covering my hosting costs. Despite my offer to go above and beyond if someone bought a Text Link Ad for this site, nobody has yet. The offer still stands

The site had approximately 1500 visitors during the month providing 2700 pageviews. That’s a 7% increase over August.

The most popular posts this month were:

65% of my traffic was referred by StumbleUpon. Google sent me 6.36% of my traffic.

RSS subscribers numbers have been going up steadily with a peak late this month of 59 readers.

Last night I managed to get a new site launched. I’m still tweaking the site so, I’ll post the URL sometime later today once I get everything working the way I want.

Here’s what I did last night:

  1. On Godaddy they have an automated software installation service, I used it to install WordPress 2.2.1 (out of date I know)
  2. I found a theme that would work well with the niche of computer stock analysis.
  3. set up the title, subtitle and changed the widgets on the page.
  4. Installed the feedburner replacement plugin and created a feedburner feed for the site
  5. Installed the Google sitemap plugin and created the sitemap.xml file
  6. Used the Google webmasters tools to tell google about the site and select the default domain name.
  7. Copied over the robots.txt file
  8. Added Google Analytics code to the footer of the page
  9. Chose a better format for the URLs than “?p=123”

Then this morning:

  1. Decided to try out WordPress 2.3 so I upgraded the site.
  2. Found a product on ClickBank that related to the niche.
  3. Wrote the first post for the site.
  4. Checked all the links on the site, and made sure Google analytics was working.
  5. Added the site to my roster at NeverBlueAds (Great Affiliate marketing ads)

Today I’ll be working on getting lots of traffic to the site. I’ll spill all the details about it in my next post this evening. Stay tuned.

Paper bagOver the last few days I’ve stumbled on this internet marketing guru John Reese. John is a guy that has made many millions of dollars online. He owns which just launched BlogRush as their first product and has countless other products that he sells.

Last night I listened to a 2 hour interview with John that was part of the Immediate Edge material.
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For the last while I’ve been devouring information about how to make money online. I’m getting more and more comfortable with the ideas involved and understanding how everything works together to drive lots of traffic and monetize it.

The key that I hadn’t really taken advantage of in the past is the expansion of a web presence.  That is, to have a number of sites on the internet that link back to whatever you’re promoting.  The more sites you have the bigger the funnel to drive traffic to your monetized site.
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After thinking about it for the whole week I decided that I would sign up for the Immediate Edge to continue my learning about building a business using internet marketing techniques. I really like their approach that focuses on long term business creation and not simply spamming the internet. They focus on explaining the reasons for everything they do.

Between the two guys Ed Dale and Dan Raine, they’ve made $9 million
over the last 2 years. That’s incredible. These guys really know what
they’re doing, and my impression of their site is that they really try
hard to share their success.

It simply wasn’t really feasible for me to self teach myself everything I’d need to know and reach my goals in time.  Spending a couple hundred bucks will fast track my success and hopefully prove to be a good investment.

At $100/month I would like to see a positive ROI within two to three months.  That means actively trying out the techniques they teach, and sticking with a project until it’s finished and generating revenue.

In an effort to help spur on more commenting. I’ve decided to remove the nofollow tag that is attached to any links in the comments.

From Wikipedia:

nofollow is an HTML attribute value used to instruct search engines that a hyperlink should not influence the link target’s ranking in the search engine’s index.

The people at WordPress decided to set the default to set the nofollow tag on all links in comments in an attempt to slow down comment spam.  It was probably a good move for the default wordpress setup since that has no comment filtering enabled by default, and no challenge questions.

However if you have a blog and are moderating the comments, have a good spam filter or challenge question then consider removing the nofollow default. It’s just one more incentive for people to post comments.  For this site, I’ve managed to reduce the amount of spam to zero by putting that challenge question in.  I read every comment so any spam will be deleted quickly.

Any legitimate people that would like to comment and gain a link back to their site can post a quality comment on my site and will receive a link back that will be counted by the search engines.

I’m hoping that this attracts a few more comments to my posts

To do this on a wordpress blog just download and install the DoFollow Plugin.  It gives you some control over the nofollow tag.  allowing you to set time limits and treat trackbacks differently from comment links.

This is the first in a series of posts about taking advantage of automation to improve your efficiency. In this post I’ll show you how to Automate the Web with Firefox and various online services.

First tip is to use an RSS reader to aggregate all the sites you read regularly. This is huge! There are so many websites that we want to read but it takes a long time to go to each site and see if there’s anything new or interesting. An RSS Reader automates the process of getting all the latest posts so you don’t have to check all your bookmarks every day. try Bloglines or Google Reader.

Tip Two is to install iMacros. iMacros allows you to simply record what you do in either Firefox or Internet Explorer in the same way that you would for Excel. It has the added coolness that you can encode your macro into a link and pass it around to friends or put it on your desktop. Say you want to download a particular page everyday, or there’s a form you fill out often. This tool will let you click once and do everything for you. With iMacros, anything you can do in the browser you can automate.
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Since the beginning of the month I’ve been on a bit of a rampage.  I’ve started 1 tumblr blog, 2 blogger blogs, and 1 I’m hosting myself.  There’s no stopping there either.  I’m going to continue starting websites at a rapid pace.  Some simple math tells me that I’ll probably need 20 profitable sites before it’ll be a full time income.  To find those profitable 20 however will require starting a lot more.

If I estimate my success rate for starting a profitable site at 10% then I’ll have to start 200 sites.  That’s a lot of sites! 

Thanks to Ed Dale’s tips, the financial risk is out of the equation.  With a solid process it should be possible to do the market research for a new niche, launch the site, and create some quality content for it in just a few hours. 

Launching and running so many sites has given me some potential business ideas which I may investigate soon.  In the meantime I’m working on a future post with some tips for managing multiple sites.

Five blogs is somewhat manageable but I don’t know how easy it will be to scale to 10, 20, or 50 sites.

I am simple astounded at the success people are having with getting ranked on Google.  It simply doesn’t seem possible that it should be so easy. 

Previously I had assumed that in order to get ranked high you had to have a website that was reasonably well established and had collected a large number of links back to the site.  I was under the impression that Google was using the number of links as a measure of how good a page was.

Boy was I wrong!  With the number of people that have managed to get put on the front page of Google for their key phrase in just hours without, it seems, doing any promotion what-so-ever.

With the process that Ed has created.  It now seems possible to find a niche, get content and publish it, and have the site show up in Google where you receive real targeted traffic within a day easily.  In fact if you had a small team of two people brainstorming on a Saturday it would probably be possible to have as many as 10 new targeted sites up and potentially generating profit by the end of the day.

Can you imagine if you made that a monthly event?  Every month have a development day where you build 10 potential new niche sites and then over month you tend them, adding content.  Gradually evaluating the best performers and finding ways to explore them further for more profit potential and killing off the ones that don’t convert.  If every month you had just one that performed extremely well and gave you just $100/month in profit, then you’d make $7800 in your first year, and $22000 in your second, and $36000 in your third.  Of course $100/month is nothing.  What happens when you hit on a niche that really performs and you establish yourself as the authority within that niche.  Suddenly you’ve added $50,000 to $100,000 or more to your salary.

Over the weekend I’m going to further refine the steps that Ed has provided for the Thirty Day Challenge and distill it to a process that can be quickly run through in minutes.  With a documented process it should be much more efficient to step through and get things going faster.

This makes me very excited.  I will definitely be exploring the world of internet marketing more in the future.  If there ever was a better way to make money I haven’t heard of it.