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IEOnce again, a critical flaw in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer Browser has put our privacy at the hands of Hackers. Reports that this time it’s not all of us who are in danger, just the millions of us who use Google’s popular Desktop Search Application.

According to Israeli hacker, Matan Gillon a flaw in the way Explorer processes web pages could give access to the desktop search engine and hence access to sensitive information with the right search string. He has posted a proof of concept exploit.

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ItunesOn the tail of rumors about a new mac mini designed to invade our media centers, Fox’s co-chairman has said that his company is open to a distribution deal with Apple’s Itunes Store. Similarly, a senior executive at Clear Channel Communications said that his company has recently been in talks with Apple about distributing the companies extensive radio and video content through Itunes.

There have also been reports that Itunes has opened talks for similar deals with CBS, NBC, and others.

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Firefox 1.5Since having been released less than 2 days ago, everyone’s favorite slim and sleek alternative to Internet Explorer has surged passed 2.0 million downloads.

Avoiding the problems that plagued the roll out of Firefox 1.0, The Mozilla Group launched and birthed Firefox 1.5 as previously announced here at The Brig.

If you haven’t downloaded Firefox yet, give it a try, you can get linked directly to the download via the “Get Firefox with Google Toolbar” button adjacent to this post and make a great browser better with Google’s toolbar.

Microsoft Named “Fremont,” Microsoft’s latest web service, a free and very search-able classified ad service is nearing release. Although only currently available for use by Microsoft testers and employees it is expected that the service will go public within a few weeks, perhaps sooner.

Fremont is designed as an on-line community marketplace combining ad listings with social networking and other community features. Perhaps in a move that will separate Microsoft’s classifieds from the rest is its customizable integration into Windows Live.

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Transmedia’s Glide Effortless is a new bread of Web based applications that offers a world of centralized data management and sharing potential, everything from pictures to Music to Videos and Documents. For $9.95/month you have access to 3Gb of storage which you can use to make your word documents accessible anywhere you go, or allow friends to view your on-line photo/video gallery.

With an innovative user interface and a slew of extra features still in the pipeline. I find Glide Effortless a compelling demonstration of what can be done with Web applications.

It’s an intriguing idea and one that Microsoft and Google are sure to be developing.

Digg.comProving that an Internet community is just as real, active, and committed as any other “tangible” community, users of Digg as reported by Aviran’s Place (and subsequently Digg) have paid due retribution to an unfair and threatening on-line photo shop.

In the astonishing response to an on-line buyer’s horror story, havoc has been wreaked with priceritephoto. The stores 800 number has been flooded with calls from scripts using Skype while others have chosen the more conventional prank call.

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pspMuch as Steve Jobs had predicted during his keynote this summer, the popularity of podcasting and the demand for podcast downloads has exploded. Enter the Sony PSP with its latest Firmware Upgrade: version 2.60.

AS Cnet reports, this latest Firmware upgrade for the popular handheld boasts RSS support for audio streams and WMA (windows media audio) file support in an attempt to answer to the demand for podcast support.

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Nokia GameAfter declaring the N-gage a complete failure it had appeared that mobile phone giant Nokia had been set to retire from the game development Arena and lick its wounds. Not so. Gameshout reports that Nokia has announced a Space Alliance MMOG action Game.

The company announced earlier today that “hundreds of thousands of players can expect to be able to connect through “Space Alliance,” a massively multi-player online game (MMOG) available on selected Java technology-enabled mobile phones through the Nokia SNAP Mobile service”.

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GoogleGoogle Personalized Searched has graduated from Google Labs and entered into what will undoubtedly be a lengthy Beta. The service, now available to users of Google’s 38 domains reorders your search results based upon your previous searches, clicks, and what seems to interest you the most. The goal with personalized search is essentially to help Google accurately give you what you’re looking for.

As reported by Clickz ,

“Google made several feature enhancements to the service for this launch. A new bookmark feature lets you mark any page in your search history that’s useful and that you want to easily find again. To bookmark a result, click the star next to it. You can also add searchable labels and notes to bookmarks.
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