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Loading iOS Assets From The Web

One of the big challenges with making a big iPhone game is that to do the graphics justice at the caliber expected by gamers these days is hard. There’s just too much data to package the iPhone/Retina iPhone/4 inch iPhone/iPad/Retina iPad assets all together in one bundle. So for my latest game I’m kicking things up a notch and..

App Control Demo

App Control is a Django App that I have been evolving over the last year for a backend service to support my (and my friends) iOS apps. It allows you to update them, push new content to them, and provide some central storage for building things like a commenting engine and to tie everyone who uses your apps together..

Mixing HTML5 and Native iOS

There’s a lot of people out there who have their favorite technologies and there are few more passionate debates than the issue of using HTML5 or native development for mobile apps. It’s still early days for HTML5 on a mobile platform, the technologies are still maturing and so there are fewer libraries out there for doing things like writing..

iAd Report Downloader Script

I was surprised that there wasn’t already a script out there to download iAd reports from Apple’s iTunes Connect website. Apple released a Java based command line tool to download the sales reports for Apps but neglected to provide something similar for iAd publishers. Some Googling around I was further surprised that I couldn’t find any 3rd party scripts..

Peculiar Puzzle – Missing GET Parameters

over the last week I have been seeing an odd error usually just once or twice per day out of the 10,000+ requests per day that hit my django web app backend for the iPhone apps. It appears as though the GET parameters get dropped and I can’t explain why. Hoping someone out there has some suggestions. The code..

Custom Push Notification Server

My mobile app control server is turning into a bit of a powerhouse.  The latest and perhaps most exciting addition to the server has been support for sending Apple Push Notifications and registering devices for those notifications. The goal of this is to make use of the push notifications for updating the apps, and cross promoting new apps to..

Creating A Custom Ad Server

Over the holidays I somehow found the time to code up an advertisement server for use with my mobile Apps.  The reason for writing a custom solution for this is that I wanted to use non-standard image sizes which I can then pull into the apps and games in unique ways so that they don’t have the look and..

Dealing with iOS App Rejections

Over the past few months I have released a number of apps to the Apple iTunes Store.  It’s been interesting to go though the submitting process so often and YES I have had some apps be rejected. In most cases rejections are legitimate omissions on my part.  Missing a support link, not setting up game center correctly and things like that...

Updating iPhone Apps Without Submitting Again

Having developed a few iPhone/iPad apps now there has been a few things that have tripped me up and created more work than necessary. One of those is that small bugs in the program such as a bad link, misspelled words or game play tweaks like speeds and frequencies that you want to change after the app has been..

Whack A Turkey

Late last week my latest game “Whack A Turkey” made it into the App Store.  It’s a really simple game that took just one weekend start to finish to write and do all the graphics for.  I also managed to pull Michael Snow in for a music loop to give it a unique and humorous soundtrack. The game is..