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Fermenter Built

Finished the build for the Fermenter over the weekend. Here’s a video going over the physical components for the project: The chamber itself is based on the Son of a Fermentation Chiller. with the only modification being that I made mine a bit smaller than their plans. The django based web app is all open-source. The code & instructions..

iAd Download Script

Unfortunately Apple doesn’t have a nice easy API for downloading your revenue numbers from iAds. The only way around that right now is screen scraping the information, or manually downloading the reports. Thanks to the awesome python requests library I was able to put something together in just 50 lines of code. It’s a function you can integrate with..

Clone an Xcode Project

I’ve got a couple of projects on the go right now, but one of the more interesting ones is a script that walks a user through the process of cloning an Xcode project and do some variable substitutions. With the final result being an iOS app that is ready to submit to the App Store. The reason for this..

iTunes Download Stats

Recently I’ve been building out my iPhone App server to provide a business dashboard with all the relevant services and numbers that I care about available at a glance. It avoids me having to sign in and out of many different sites to get the information and makes it easier to push things together – for example charting both..


One of the ways to make money on the itunes store is to sign up for the itunes affiliate program. Linkshare runs the program in the USA and they will give you a 5% commission on all sales that you refer. It works through cookie based tracking that is valid for 72 hours… Meaning that if you follow one..

Fabric For Development

Fabric is a pretty awesome tool for deploying projects. But it turns out that it’s also pretty awesome for lots of other stuff. At PyCon 2012 there was a talk given by Ricardo Kirkner (which you can watch here) that inspired me to play around with fabric in some new ways. It’s possible to use fabric as a wrapper..

iAd Report Downloader Script

I was surprised that there wasn’t already a script out there to download iAd reports from Apple’s iTunes Connect website. Apple released a Java based command line tool to download the sales reports for Apps but neglected to provide something similar for iAd publishers. Some Googling around I was further surprised that I couldn’t find any 3rd party scripts..

Python is like a Secret Weapon

I am continually in awe of the power of Python code. The readability of the language combined with the lack of magic, and the massive number of easily obtainable libraries out there make getting things done insanely fast. It is the only language where I consistently experience writing code that works the first time. Last night I added a..

Peculiar Puzzle – Missing GET Parameters

over the last week I have been seeing an odd error usually just once or twice per day out of the 10,000+ requests per day that hit my django web app backend for the iPhone apps. It appears as though the GET parameters get dropped and I can’t explain why. Hoping someone out there has some suggestions. The code..

Geolocation of Client with Django

My first thoughts yesterday when I started trying to add a lookup for a user’s country based on IP address was that this was going to be tricky. I figured I would have to create some models, fill them with data fixtures and do some manual queries against the database. Turns out it was fairly trivial to do. Django..