Closing Automatic Blog Machine Tomorrow

The initial launch of Automatic Blog Machine has exceeded my expectations so I’m very happy to have my first users who have been plugging away at the system and building their own personal blog networks.

To the people that have signed up already: Thank You. I’m looking forward to personally helping make Automatic Blog Machine the system that puts you in control of an Internet Empire.

I’m getting ready to close the doors to the system so I can focus on the next set of killer features that I want to implement. There are a lot of great ideas floating around in my head for even more automation, improving the quality of generated content, and scaling everything up to handle 100,000+ websites.

If it’s something that you’re interested in jumping on – today is your last chance to join. Tomorrow I’ll be closing the doors to new users and it will never be available at the current price ever again. If you have ever thought about what to do with your unused domains, or dying websites. Or wanted to control lots of websites effortlessly I encourage you to act now while the offer is on the table.

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