Crap can make you rich

Paper bagOver the last few days I’ve stumbled on this internet marketing guru John Reese. John is a guy that has made many millions of dollars online. He owns which just launched BlogRush as their first product and has countless other products that he sells.

Last night I listened to a 2 hour interview with John that was part of the Immediate Edge material.

He mentioned an ezinesarticle he wrote called How *Crap* Can Dramatically Boost Your Profits. I recommend everyone read it. John is absolutely right, it’s important to just get something out there as quickly as possible and then start the process of gradual improvement.

Gradual improvement is a phrase I’ve heard before with regards to car manufacturing. It’s at the heart of why Japanese car companies were able to take the car market away from the American car companies.

John equates gradual improvement to a raise. By split testing a website to get a slight improvement in conversion you have effectively given yourself a pay raise. By improving one thing at a time on your site you eventually will end up with a highly optimized page that gets the response you’re looking for.

Of course the important thing to realize is that you need to have good testing and tracking software to manage all the numbers and tests. You need to gradually replace all the crap you put up quickly with gold. It’s all in the numbers, visitor values, conversion rates, page views; they all help you get to that optimized gold which will make you rich.

As John Reese put it, the worst crap on the internet is going to make more sales than the near perfect product that you never published.

Just get it out there, publish your crappy product on your crappy website with crappy copywriting, and then gradually turn it into gold.