Crazy successes on Thirty Day Challenge

I am simple astounded at the success people are having with getting ranked on Google.  It simply doesn’t seem possible that it should be so easy. 

Previously I had assumed that in order to get ranked high you had to have a website that was reasonably well established and had collected a large number of links back to the site.  I was under the impression that Google was using the number of links as a measure of how good a page was.

Boy was I wrong!  With the number of people that have managed to get put on the front page of Google for their key phrase in just hours without, it seems, doing any promotion what-so-ever.

With the process that Ed has created.  It now seems possible to find a niche, get content and publish it, and have the site show up in Google where you receive real targeted traffic within a day easily.  In fact if you had a small team of two people brainstorming on a Saturday it would probably be possible to have as many as 10 new targeted sites up and potentially generating profit by the end of the day.

Can you imagine if you made that a monthly event?  Every month have a development day where you build 10 potential new niche sites and then over month you tend them, adding content.  Gradually evaluating the best performers and finding ways to explore them further for more profit potential and killing off the ones that don’t convert.  If every month you had just one that performed extremely well and gave you just $100/month in profit, then you’d make $7800 in your first year, and $22000 in your second, and $36000 in your third.  Of course $100/month is nothing.  What happens when you hit on a niche that really performs and you establish yourself as the authority within that niche.  Suddenly you’ve added $50,000 to $100,000 or more to your salary.

Over the weekend I’m going to further refine the steps that Ed has provided for the Thirty Day Challenge and distill it to a process that can be quickly run through in minutes.  With a documented process it should be much more efficient to step through and get things going faster.

This makes me very excited.  I will definitely be exploring the world of internet marketing more in the future.  If there ever was a better way to make money I haven’t heard of it.