Create a Marketing Strategy

The marketing strategy for a company is vital to its success. The marketing strategy that I have defined for HalOtis is to leverage the online world to create most of the awareness of the company and website. Over the last few weeks I have read a lot of material about marketing and found that there are very impressive ways to market for free or low cost.

It’s important not to forget about the classic media. My current strategy for offline marketing for when it comes time to use it is to use a PR firm to outsource any publicity and media. I don’t plan on becoming an expert in PR any time soon so it’s best left to those people who are already experts and can quickly distribute press releases, and contact the media on my behalf. It will be exciting when I venture into this.

In the meantime, I have a plan for growth and re-investment into marketing.

The plan is broken down into categories and phases.

Getting traffic Category:

Phase 1: Get traffic to the site as cheaply as possible. This means leaving comments on other sites, using search engine optimization, and leveraging various new websites to increase my footprint.

Phase 2: Pay for more advertising using things like text link ads and Google AdWords it’s possible to target advertisements very effectively. Use Contests to further increase my footprint and gather more people to my site.

Phase 3: Arrange for some offline publicity. Connect to newspapers, magazines and TV/radio to add legitimacy to my company.

Learning and Growth Category:

Pay attention and keep up with the latest new advertising techniques and be on the forefront of taking advantage of them. Do this by becoming part of internet marketing communities that are always up on the latest and greatest.

One process that I believe in is re-evaluating and testing new ideas on a scheduled basis. Trying something new once per quarter seems like a reasonable time period. So 4 times per year HalOtis will try something new. It might be using YouTube, or taking advantage of a new web2.0 service, or paying for some help.

Each time we evaluate a new method or service it will be logged and tracked for effectiveness and ROI. Having numbers to review makes it easy glean heaps of information down the line.

Having a formula for evolution, growth and discovery of the strategy is important, otherwise things will stagnate, interest will be lost and we’ll never reach new people.