Creating a Business Intelligence Application

BIBusiness Intelligence is a multi-billion dollar industry powered by heavy hitters like SAP, Oracle, and HP. The problem they attempt to solve is to mine through the mountains of data created or collected by a business and find intelligent ways to present it or find patterns.

At the very simplest level, business intelligence starts with having data – lots of it – in files, databases, on the web, or inside applications and then pulling all that data together to make inferences on it. Ultimately displaying it in a simplified form in a dashboard that the CEO can use to make effective high level decisions. In big business with lots of moving parts this is invaluable since to make the best decisions you need the best information.

For small business owners the big enterprise solutions are far out of reach, but the competitive advantage of having this data presented to you in the right way is still huge.

That’s why over the next while I’m going to be posting some scripts as I build out my own business intelligence dashboard geared towards the internet marketer. As I go, I will post the scripts here for you to take and use for yourself in your business. Some of the scripts I have in mind include:

  • Get clickbank transactions
  • Get CPA report data
  • Website traffic data
  • Get PPC advertising data
  • Google Adsense data
  • Compute Profit & Revenue numbers
  • Ranking in Google/Yahoo/Bing SERP
  • Backlinks, Google Alerts, Blog Activity

Finally, when all these pieces are put together I will bundle it into one program you can run and use as your own business intelligence dashboard. By putting all this information in one place you will save time from opening 10 tabs in my browser to login to all these sites and look at the numbers. It will systematize many of your adhoc processes and make your decisions easier to make. It will take your business to the next level.

If you have any suggestions for additional functionality in this dashboard that you think would be useful just leave a comment on this post.

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