Creating an iPhone Game

For the past two months I have been working full-time on iPhone and iPad apps at work. As I have been building my experience with Objective-C and iPhone development the thought of creating a couple games has been becoming more enticing. Over the last few weeks this small voice has been getting louder as I have been reading about the success of a number of games. Especially the amazing results ($300,000 revenue in 7 days) for The Heist

I had been looking at various cross platform ways to make game for both iPhone and Android platforms but in the end it seems like doing iPhone development in anything other than Objective-C is just frustrating. So native development it is. And that’s great because there’s tons of documentation, full access to all APIs and lots of answers on StackOverflow.

Objective-C really isn’t that bad and while I would prefer to be able to develop in Python with the right framework game development is actually fairly painless.

To start with I picked up a book Learn iPhone and iPad cocos2d Game Development. Which proved to be a great help in getting me off to a running start. I have never done game programming but It’s proving to be very enjoyable. Lots of game play testing required – which is how I like to work.

With the books sample code as a starting point I was able, in just 3 hours, to implement my own control features, add collision detection, weapon types and tweak the game play. The sample code is quickly turning into something unique.

Surprisingly, even at this early stage the game is quite fun and several times during development I found myself getting lost in the game.

For this first game though I’m not striving for perfection. Just get something working and ship it. The hardest thing, and the only thing holding me back from creating more games faster is trouble finding graphic artists to draw sprites for me. I can handle the programming, and I have a friend who is a sound engineer but game graphics people are hard to come by. As a result this first game will be sketched by me.

I’m hoping to have the game programming finished in a week, the artwork will be another week and finally the sound should hopefully take just a few days. If everything stays on schedule it should be in the App Store in about 1 month.

Are you interested in reading more about creating iPhone games on this blog? Leave a comment and let me know.