Creating Killer Content

Quill PenOne of my favorite blogs had a great post the other day. The post on Problogger called The 4 Pillars of Writing Exceptional Blogs was guest written by Leo Babauta of Zen Habits. There were a number of very useful tips in the article left an impression on me. Though I’ve read many times before the importance of creating quality content in order to drive traffic to a blog this article really made it clear what I have to do for this site.

My problem has always been consistency. From time to time I get really into working on my online projects and lots of things happen all at once. I’ll rework the theme, sign up new advertisers, and write a few articles. However a week later, I’ll forget the site even exists and the content will stop coming, the page will fall into disrepair, and the traffic that I’d worked hard for will dry up. The following are my tips to stay committed to a blog.

Now that I’ve finished with the work on the theme, my next and continuing task is to focus on the writing. Here are the techniques that I’m going to use to smooth out my writing and commit to creating more quality content for the site.

Write in Batches

It’s difficult to dedicate time everyday to writing posts for this site. Assuming that I could put in an hour every day to write content is a mistake that I’ve made in the past. It’s just too hard to do when there are other things that are vying for my time.

Using a feature of WordPress I can get in the zone just once per week and spin off a bunch of articles. Then have them slowly show up online throughout the week giving the site some fresh content for readers every day. So for example I wrote this post last Thursday. I have a bunch of postings queued up so it gives me buffer time if I have something else come up.

Get In The Zone

Here’s another secret. There’s a way to get in the zone quickly and purposefully. The secret is to create enthusiasm, you can accomplish this by repeating to yourself that you love whatever it is you need to do. For example, at work I spend my time programming, and at times it can be tedious. When I find my self in a position where I’ve lost interest in coding I repeat to myself “Dude! I LOVE PROGRAMMING!” Everytime I repeat it I use more energy, and more emotion. Ten seconds is usually all it takes to get pumped and excited. Try it!


A mental trick that has served me well in the past; Re-framing is a technique based on NLP that allows you to change your perspective on something. It has the power to affect the way you act by rewiring your brain.

To re-frame myself around creating good content. I think through all the positive things that will happen if I continue to write good articles, and think about the negative things that will happen if I don’t write anything.  I ask myself probing questions in order to change the way I think.  The goal is to change my actions to include more writing.  So for example I could re-frame watching TV as being wasted time that could be spent improving my writing or contributing to the blog. Then when I find myself staring at the TV I’ll feel like I’d rather be writing.

Hopefully these tips will help you out with your quality blogging.