Digg Users Take Revenge At Bad Online Store

Digg.comProving that an Internet community is just as real, active, and committed as any other “tangible” community, users of Digg as reported by Aviran’s Place (and subsequently Digg) have paid due retribution to an unfair and threatening on-line photo shop.

In the astonishing response to an on-line buyer’s horror story, havoc has been wreaked with priceritephoto. The stores 800 number has been flooded with calls from scripts using Skype while others have chosen the more conventional prank call.

Furthermore users have been “launching DOS attacks against the site, posting bad reviews on web sites, posting links to Hawk’s blog on internet forums, flooding PriceRitePhoto with email messages, posted complaints to the better business bureau , sending fax messages and succeeded to bring down their live chat feature.”

Makes this author wish he had blogged about the time he’d been ripped off on eBay when a set of DVDs were allegedly “lost in the mail” and could not be refunded despite shipping insurance.

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