Django Facebook Application – Likeables

Just 2 days ago I had an idea for a website. Today I’ve launched the site. I had a lot of fun coding the web application – that is why I love using Django.

I have to say that considering that I’m getting a bit rusty with Django and that I have never used any of the Facebook APIs I am pretty impressed that I was able to get a reasonably decent looking and functional website in just 2 days.

Want to take a look at the web application? is where I’ve hosted it for the time being.

The concept is pretty simple. People can post quotes, phrases, links, or jokes and then like it on Facebook. The integration with Facebook will allow the application to promote itself virally when popular “Likeables” spread through the network.

It was a pretty simple concept with a trivial data model so most of the development time was spent fiddling with the CSS and layouts. But certainly I have plenty of ideas for ways to increase the engagement of the site going forward.

This may be the first of many future django facebook applications from me.