The PDBR: Robotics embraces elegance

A Dancing The latest news from the Tokyo Robot Exhibition is an intricate mix of robotics and Elegance. A group of talented developers headed by Japan’s Tohoku University today unveiled the “PBDR”, otherwise known as the Partner Ballroom Dance Robot.

This elegant robot, designed to waltz with a human partner makes use of technology that is still under intense development which estimates human intention. While it may not be artificial intelligence, it is an algorithm so complicated that it may eventually surpass the sense of anticipation that human dance partners have.

This level of highly tuned level of anticipation of movement is made possibly by the PBDR’s pioneering system of three omni-directional wheels, force sensors, dual manipulators and fast computers. These relatively common robot features along with a blazing processing and reaction speed in addition to a cutting edge algorithm are what not only facilitate this level of prediction but also give the robot enough elegance to Waltz with professional grade grace.

Click Here to see the Videos of the PBDR, via Tampa Bay News 10