Finding an Escape

Sometimes I think I work too hard.  Code all day, come home and code for a few more hours at night, and occasionally read a book about coding.  I do this because I really enjoy solving problems on a computer and creating new things.

However this sort of single minded pursuit can lead to burn-out.  A short vacation just isn’t enough to reset and relax.

With that in mind I started to read a few things and landed on this book by Matthew Crawford:

The book espouses the benefits of hands on manual labor as a way to feel good about what you can accomplish and get back to basics to do something good for yourself and your community.

It got me thinking about something I always wanted to learn how to do: weld.  Growing up I had access to a wide range of tools; everything from table saws to gold plating to soldering.  But welding equipment was something we never had, and none of my friends had access to.  So there was a certain mystery to it.

That mystery has stayed with me for 20 years and the thought of being able to weld my own fitness equipment, jungle gym or swing set or a custom built trailer has a certain appeal.  One that I’m finally going to satisfy by taking a welding course this fall.

I’m hoping that having a hands-on weekend project will provide a way to detach from the stress of work and create something fun.