Get Yourself a Moleskin!

Moleskin notebookEarly this month I decided to pick up a small notebook that I could use when I’m out and want to write down ideas. Having something close at hand has proved to be invaluable for keeping track of all those ideas that I have throughout the day.

I found the ideal book at my local bookstore. but they’re also available from right here: Moleskine Small Plain Notebook Writing Journals Book.  Paired with a Bullet Space Pen I have the perfect way to carry around my ideas.

The hard cover of the moleskin makes it easy to take notes without using anything to write against.  The size is good compromise between giving enough room to write notes on but also it easily fits in my hand or pocket.  I’ve already used this to great effect to keep a list of blog post ideas.  What I’ve noticed is that there were many ideas I had that would have been forgotten, but with the notebook I have a record to keep me on track and more organized.

It’s much easier to think of things to write about when you have a shortlist of ideas you’ve already thought of.  Rather than sitting down at the computer and then trying to brainstorm post ideas.  Now I have a list to go through.  In the past two weeks it’s already saved me a few hours work and increased the efficiency of my writing immensly.

Of course it still takes time to think of ideas.  But now I can leverage the time when I’m walking to work, or on the bus, or lying on the beach.

Pen and paper may be old tech, but it can be pretty efficient.