Giving up on Windows

xp logoOver the last few days my computer has been crashing constantly.  Firefox has been hanging and basically making everything rediculously frustrating to use.

I belive that the hard drive is on it’s last legs.  But since it’s a Hitachi I’m actually pretty impressed that it’s stayed alive for this long.  In preparation for a crash I’ve been doing scheduled backups for the last year or so.

All the mis-behaving from Windows has driven me back to Ubuntu.  One great thing that I’ve noticed about switiching is how things have already been set up for me.  With the Google toolbar and Google sync for Firefox everything that I’ve done with Firefox in Windows is synched to my Linux install.  My bookmarks, and history are all there.  Because I use online tools for most of my day to day work everything is easily accessed from Linux.

Everything I need to work on my blogs, and business ideas is either online or there is an application that is easy to find that will work in Linux to do the same thing.

With the help of Google the transition to Linux has been pretty seemless.  Hopefully I won’t have to boot into Windows again anytime soon to retrieve anything.

Of course I’ll be switching to Mac very soon at which point I won’t have to worry about my hard drive crashing at any moment.