Goals and Processes

A goal without a process to back it up is just an idea.  It is the process which actually will help you reach that goal and it’s more important to focus on developing on an actionable process than to have the best idea or goal.

A business idea is worthless unless you do something with it.  The process you come up with could be to start a business around the idea, or to licence it to someone else.

If you had a goal of running a marathon but skipped the process of signing up for a race and training for it then it’s likely that your goal would sit on your bucket list until you abandon it.

Though it’s also the case that parts of the process also entail their own sub-goals. The process of training for a marathon involves sub-goals of going out several times a week for a run. It’s worth considering what the process would be to make sure the training happens which might require carving out some time from other priorities.  If these processes don’t happen it puts the goal at risk.

Consider your own goals, do you have processes to back them up?  Are those processes actionable given your time and money contstraints?