Google Personalized Search Launches Beta

GoogleGoogle Personalized Searched has graduated from Google Labs and entered into what will undoubtedly be a lengthy Beta. The service, now available to users of Google’s 38 domains reorders your search results based upon your previous searches, clicks, and what seems to interest you the most. The goal with personalized search is essentially to help Google accurately give you what you’re looking for.

As reported by Clickz ,

“Google made several feature enhancements to the service for this launch. A new bookmark feature lets you mark any page in your search history that’s useful and that you want to easily find again. To bookmark a result, click the star next to it. You can also add searchable labels and notes to bookmarks.

The “Remove result” feature has also been enhanced. In addition to removing single URLs from future results, you can also block entire domains. You can remove results for a single search or for all future searches.

Google increased password security for personalized search. As noted, you can remove individual items from Web, images, or news search results. You can pause the service at any time or delete personalization entirely.

Google plans to integrate personalized search with Google News, in addition to the current personalized Web and image search results. You’ll be able to see the history of past news searches and articles you clicked on.

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