Halo Zero: A 2-D Adventure

Halo ZeroThis game is absolutely worth a check. Halo Zero is a classic style 2-D adventure featuring the Master chief battling the god forsaken covenant in Contra Styled interface. The final version has just been released, version 1.8.3 of Halo Zero.

It’s all there, the battle rifle, the pistol, the Rocket Launcher, your friendly marine backup and of course, the Warthog. It brings a tear to one’s eye, just the sheer beauty of it. If only Super Mario Brothers had been like this, maybe the world would have been a different place. Perhaps most impressive is the included multiplayer capability of the game; the game’s fun just builds.

So if you have Hi-speed (or failing that, if you have the time), check this out. These guys did a fantastic job.
Let’s just hope they don’t get sued :^)

Click here to for Halo Zero

Download: 20.7 Mb file
The Brig rating: 3.3 out of 5
The Pros: Great 2-D game, 10 years too late, but brings back memories of my NES filled childhood. This would be absolutely amazing on my cell phone. This game is incredibly fun. A Great way to pass sometime at work or perhaps introduce a girlfriend to the wonderful world of Halo. The attention given the character models and the addition of multiplayer capability is truly impressive.
Cons: It didn’t get released 10 years ago…. and there’s just something about those Elites, the way they look just plain bothers me. The developers did a great job on the grunts, but what the hell happened to the Elites?
Overall: Definitely worth some play time. Take the hour required and beat the game, just to say you did… else you’re totally a noob. Just don’t look directly at the “elites”.