How to use a Wiki to Document Business Procedures and Responsibilities

A Wiki is a handy tool for documenting things. What makes a Wiki a good solution compared to maintaining a word document, is that it scales, is easy to locate, it’s easy for multiple people to maintain, and it retains a history.

For these reasons I’ve decided to use a Wiki for internal use.

In a previous post I wrote about the HalOtis Organizational Strategy. I’ve given all those positions their own page, and fully listed all the responsibilities in detail. In the future as the tasks handled become more well defined, I can expand the Wiki to include details on the procedures that those people do.

Over time the wiki will become a resource where for example come tax time the CFO could refer to find what forms were needed, the time lines needed so that every year the process becomes more well documented and easier.

An added benefit is that when it comes time to hire someone new into that position, the transition will be smoothed. Or if someone in one of those positions leaves unexpectedly, their knowledge isn’t completely gone with them.

If the business is ever at the point where it could be sold or franchised, this documentation becomes the system that will help define how to run the business. It adds value of the business.