Indie Game Dev Bubble Has Burst

Over the last few years I have published several iOS games. The market place has changed dramatically over that time.

My first game was a simple scrolling shooter. When I released it the initial downloads hit 50,000 and I was ecstatic. With each subsequent game that I released the trend was clear, each one landed with less of a splash, and the number of downloads for each game was lower despite improvements and better quality games.

These days the competition on mobile games is so high that there is virtually zero chance that an indie developer can make it big. Creating a game that will get noticed on the store requires a level of design polish that is very nearly impossible to pull off without a significant budget.  The competition is experienced, well financed and has a team of people creating deep, well thought out, polished games.

If you’re a budding game designer doing it for the love of the code. Go for it! It’s still a lot of fun, and looks great on a resume.

If you want to actually create a business around game development the space to watch now is with selling game source code. Making money off the 1000’s of people trying to create their own games removes the risk of trying to create a hit game yourself and relies instead on people with money who want to try their hand at the market.