Inevitability Thinking

I was just introduced to the concept of Inevitability Thinking and I felt so excited that I just had to write a post about it.  inevitability thinking is a real game changer and perhaps the most important thing that I have ever come across to guarantee success.

You are probably familiar with the concept of goal setting.  Goal setting has been recognized as a key part of achieving the success you want in life.  It basically involves thinking about where you see yourself in the future.  It’s a powerful and important aspect of developing your plan for success because without a destination you’re really just meandering through life.

Earl Nightingale recorded the very first gold spoken word record.  This record was really the beginning of the modern self-help market and in it he impressed the importance of proper goal setting.

An evolution to that idea was made by Robert Biel who found that a majority of people prefer to think in terms of problem solving.  Make a list of the things standing in the way of you reaching your goal and then systematically solve the problems that are in the way of reaching that ultimate goal.

Inevitability thinking operates at the root of both of these.  The real problem that most people have it is the follow through.  All the best intentions in the world won’t ensure that you actually get it done.  You have to ask yourself these two questions:

  1. What condition would force me to make a necessary part of my goal?
  2. What can I do to get that condition in place as soon as possible?

If you’ve taken the time to really establish your long and short term goals and developed those goals fully to understand what your life will be like when you have reached them, and then enumerated all the necessary things that will have to happen. Then the final step is to make sure that they do happen.

For example, imagine you’ve set a personal to get fit and run a marathon.  Then you would have to visualize what specifically you would have to do to reach that goal. How much exercise would you need to do every day, when and where would you do it?  If you’ve developed a plan and know what you can do today to take a step towards your goal then you need to create a condition that would force it to happen.  This might be to find someone to be accountable to for your workouts, higher a coach, form a mastermind group to talk with regularly or put something in the way.  Anything you can do to make avoiding the things you have to do impossible.

It’s perhaps the most important question that somehow was never impressed upon me until now.

What do you think?