Internet Marketing to success with emails

There are some well used techniques on the internet for relating to customers and developing a connection which you can leverage later. These marketing techinques are relatively low cost compared to the offline marketing techinques. Things like newsletters, blogs and affiliate marketing can be used by an established business to increase and improve it’s public profile.

for HalOtis, I’ve relied a lot on this blog to raise the public profile of the business, but what I’ve come to realize is that there is a huge value to newsletters.

How would you compare the value of collected emails to that of backlinks to the site or RSS subscribers to a blog? E-mails are a push technique that if used correctly has a huge amount of influence. They give you a more intimate connection to a reader that can build trust.

One thing that I’ve learned recently about the psycology of buying is that often the action to purchase doesn’t happen for perhaps a week or more after the initial research phase. So someone will start the buying process by looking for information about the product or service. This is where you want to collect their email. If you can keep the idea of the purchase in their mind for a week they may eventually realize that they really want what. When they do commit to a purchase you’ll be there to reel it in. Without that reminder that they were interested in what you’re selling they may forget all about it, or find somewhere else to make the purchase.

The value of an email can be much more that even a dozen websites that are well ranked by Google.

I’ll be considering creating a newsletter for my next venture online.