Iran’s Latest Ambition: Space

Iranian Space Program Guardian Unlimited reports that Iran has been snapping up space launch technologies as quickly as possible for its ambitious satellite launch program. Reports of this ambitious space program have already fueled fears that the “rogue” state is only looking to do a quick build upon its Shahab-3 missile which boasts a current known range of 1,240 miles – that’s more than enough range to strike Israel.

Iran has been the in the international spotlight as of late due to its alleged Nuclear Weapons development program. Fearing that it will face the same restrictions, inspections, and embargos that it has received as a result of its nuclear “energy” program, the country has been buying, hiring, and building all the help and needed technology it can as fast as it can.

“Aerospace faculties have mushroomed at Iranian universities in recent years, and Iranian technicians are being trained in Italy, Russia and China on how to design and build satellites. The government has allocated $500 million on space projects for the next five years, Communication Minister Mohammad Soleimani said last week. “

Iran became the 43rd country in the world to have a satellite launched into orbit. But with the government aiming higher, much higher, it would seem that Iran has indeed caught the space bug. It would seem Launching into space aboard a Russian rocket will do that to you.

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