iTunes Affiliate View Controller

There are many ways that you can make money with an app on the App Store.  One of the lesser used ways is through affiliate sales.

Apple has an affiliate program that runs through which pays out 5% on iOS Apps, Music, iBooks and even the Mac App Store software.  It’s free to sign up for and takes just a couple days to be approved to promote App Store products.

Once signed up you can start creating links using the Apple Link Maker which will deliver a user directly to the App Store if they click the link from their iOS device.  It puts users in a position where one click and a password is all that’s needed to make a purchase – and for you to get a 5% commission.

It was an important part of my longer term App strategy to bake this into everything that I ship for two reasons.  I can share some of my favorite games with people for a few extra bucks in my pocket and going forward I can swap out swap out other people’s games for my own and use the same code to help promote my other products.

The code that I wrote for this feature I have made freely available for you to integrate into your iPhone App.  I would love to start seeing more indie developers finding new and different ways to monetize their apps.  Every little bit helps, especially when it’s a small shop.

It gives you a screen that looks like this:


Clicking on one of the links brings you right into the iTunes store to read more about the app.  The About tab is there just for information about the current app and back will dismiss this screen and put it back into the game.  It’s very basic code and should be relatively easy to understand and use.

To use this in your own iPhone App check out the project on gitub.