Itunes Distro deals with Fox, Clear Channel Possible

ItunesOn the tail of rumors about a new mac mini designed to invade our media centers, Fox’s co-chairman has said that his company is open to a distribution deal with Apple’s Itunes Store. Similarly, a senior executive at Clear Channel Communications said that his company has recently been in talks with Apple about distributing the companies extensive radio and video content through Itunes.

There have also been reports that Itunes has opened talks for similar deals with CBS, NBC, and others.

Is this just another rumor? Or is Apple really preparing to redefine the mix of computers and media. If and when Apple announces a new Mac Mini as previously described, it would only make sense (at least with reference to how Steve Jobs tends to do these things) that Apple would announce the availability of a new tremendous library of Media content on Itunes brought to you by all your favorite networks. January should be an interesting month for Apple.

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